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White Sands Collective Giveaway

Hi to all of our lovely I Guess I'm Due followers - We have a great giveaway for you guys just in time for Thanksgiving! Comment below for your chance to win a collection of beautifully designed goodies from White Sands Collective!

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Congrats to our random winner, entry #14, DJohnson

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Rynnie the Pooh & Tigger too!


Monday, October 24, 2016


My vision for my labor: Meditation music would be playing in a dim room, I would be laying in the bed with Kyle holding my hand as I looked so beautiful in a moment that I shouldn't, as candles and essential oils filled the room. I would then give birth to our new little angel. 


I'm just going to go there with this. It will be TMI but when has that ever stopped me before? My labor wasn't what I envisioned, but it was raw, it was real, and the proudest moment of my life.  

So here it goes...

I was three days past my due date, still working out, still going to the grocery store and getting around fine. Kyle was convinced this kid was never coming out of me. But at 2:30 in the morning on July 1st, I felt my first contraction. It felt like a very deep internal cramp. I rolled over thinking it would go away, but then another one came on a couple minutes later. 

My amazing doula had told me that contractions could go on for days and at the beginning are usually 10-20 minutes apart and to try and rest and save energy for when I would need it in active labor.  So I laid there, trying to be all zen and relax through them and not time them, but there was one thing I knew - there was no way in hell these things were 10 minutes apart - more like 2-3 minutes. Come to find out later, I had skipped all of the early steps and was already in ACTIVE LABOR. 

Still in denial that this was really happening, I didn't want to wake up Kyle in case it was a false alarm. I took a bath, then a shower, then a bath again, but they weren't going away. They were getting stronger, faster, and more painful. Finally at 4 am, I was pacing around our room in circles every time a contraction would start and Kyle woke up. I told him to call the doula and put our bags in the car. I then asked for a protein bar and water and proceeded to throw up the bite I ate. I thought I was done with this crap in the first trimester!

Our doula came over and I got back in the tub to try and labor a bit more. The goal was to do as much as I could at home before I got to the hospital. Because of my blood clots and the shots I was on twice a day, if I took a shot within 12 hours of labor I could not get an epidural because of possible bleeding in the spine. So my goal was a natural birth because that freaked me out even more than labor!

At 6 am we headed to the hospital. As I got to get in the car in the front seat, I could not sit down, I could not be on my side. I yelled to Kyle, "CLEAR OUT THE BACK." And he started moving all of our belongings out of the third row of the Tahoe. I then proceeded to make the drive up to UCLA on all fours while pressing my head against the seat as hard as I could. During all of these contractions, I was absolutely silent. I wasn't sure how I was going to react, but it turns out I didn't want to be talked to. I just wanted to be in my zone and left alone. Every time I would feel the brakes, I would pray to God we would not hit traffic and that I would have this baby on the 405, but thankfully we were able to make it to UCLA in 30 minutes. 

Once they wheeled me into triage at the hospital, they did the initial exam and I was 7 centimeters. At this point, my gown keeps falling off and I am ass out on all fours clinging to the top of the hospital bed. Once again, NOT WHAT I PICTURED MY LABOR TO LOOK LIKE. The pain was getting to be so intense and I knew I couldn't push until 10 cm. I wasn't sure if I could do it, I wanted the pain to stop. They said they could break my water and that would speed things up - my response, "Well then what are we doing? Break the freaking water!" 

They asked me to now head to my delivery room and I was about to walk in the hall completely naked. I was that delirious and could give two shits at this point what I looked like. Someone quickly threw a gown on me and I made it to the other room. Once there, that would be the hardest part of my labor. 

Of course the doctor was in a C-Section and couldn't come break my water. The nurses thought I was being funny, but I was begging them to break it. I was asking Kyle to go out in the hall and pay someone to do it. I would have shelled out any amount of money to make the pain go away. They are dumb, someone could have walked away with some serious cash! This is when the 'Welcome to Atlanta' moment happened as they were trying to do anything to keep my mind off of the pain. At this point, mind you - I am now still butt naked hovering over the side of the bed as Kyle was putting pressure on my hips every time I would have a contraction. Once again - STILL NOT WHAT I ENVISIONED LABOR TO BE LIKE. 

Finally at 8:20am, a resident came in to break my water. As soon as she did, I could feel the baby drop. I quickly jumped back onto all fours on the bed and now had the sensation of the Alien from Predator coming out my ass. I literally had this vision. No joke. It was like the alien had now switched holes and wanted OUT! Now my silence had stopped and I was starting to yell, "I have to push!" Everyone just kept telling me to breathe and I wanted to kill them, I had to freaking push. So they flipped me over, and I heard someone say, "Oh, we see hair..." Well, no crap people - I told you I had to push! 

The doctor, residents, and nurses quickly rushed in. They flipped me over, and held my feet up and I could now start pushing during the contractions. Not that this felt "good" but I liked that I could start to do something with this energy rather than just sit there and take it. 

In five pushes, she was out. There was no way in hell this kid wasn't coming out of me. Once my baby with a 97th percentile head (gee, thanks husband) made it through the 'Ring of Fire' as they call it and made its way out, they asked if I wanted to reach down and Kourtney Kardashian style pull out my baby. I scooped it up and lifted it in the air. 

They asked if Kyle wanted to reveal the sex, but the umbilical was dangling in front, so both of our responses were, "Uh, we don't know what it is!" A nurse moved it and I said, "It's a girl!" Kyle started sobbing, and I laid my head back and let out the biggest sigh of relief. I believe my first words were, "I'm so glad that's over," followed by, "I can't believe I did that. I'm so proud of myself."

At 8:42am - twenty minutes after they broke my water, there she was. Rynn Carter Kelley. A fierce, 8 pound 15 ounce beautiful beast of a woman. I had never worked so hard or been so happy in my life. 

I now realize why it is called LABOR for a reason, but any which way you slice it - all of you women out there who have given birth any type of way, C-Section, vaginal, with or without drugs, it doesn't matter, you all are the true definition of WARRIORS!

Now I hope this didn't scare any of you mamas-to-be, but I wanted to share my story to show that your birth may not be how you envisioned, but it will happen how its supposed to. Just let nature take its course. You are strong. You are able. And you and your baby will do it together. 

And as Jermaine Dupri and all of those folks in Atlanta say, "The party don't stop 'til 8 in the mornin." Well, according to little Rynnie, at eight in the morning on July 1, 2016 - my party had just begun. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

We Survived!

Don't worry - I haven't forgotten about you guys! We've kept this little gal alive for officially three months now, and yes, she is just as surprised as we are. It's gone by fast, yet slow at the same time when I think of all that has happened, but I've been trying to stay as present as possible throughout this whole motherhood thing! Here are some snapshots from Rynnie's latest photo shoot:

I will be kicking off my blogging/writing sabbatical with my first piece for Huffington Post Parents next week as well as starting to share my adventures in parenting so far on here. There are some good ones, so stay tuned!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello World!

Happy Fourth - We get to celebrate with a little firecracker this year! Check out my personal site for all the details! Have a great holiday...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Final Thoughts

Check out my take on motherhood on my personal site today. Home stretch folks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beyond the Diaper Bag

You've lugged around your diaper bag for what seems like eternity. And luckily, because of I Guess I'm Due's awesome tips, your diaper bag always had just the perfect items! The day has finally have finally graduated from the diaper bag stage (cue happy dance!!) You know you'll throw your phone and wallet in your purse. But the question is, what will you REALLY need to carry in your Mommy Purse?! Enjoy I Guess I'm Due's tips that will help you make sure your purse is stocked for all those mommy moments... 

1. Children's Tylenol- You never know when little ones will spike a fever. The Meltaway Tylenols are my fave because there's no measuring involved!! 

2. Tide To Go- Spills happen which means stains happen...need I say more?!

3. Ibuprofen

4. Band-Aids- Boo boo's are inevitable!

5. Portable phone charger- for those times when the kids run your phone battery down to nothing!

6. Card game- Any card game comes in handy for those moments the kids need to play together quietly. Any deck will do, but my fave is Spot it Jr. !

7. Wipes- For runny noses, spills, and sticky messes

8. Deodorant- For the mornings I leave the house in a rush and forget!!

9. Neo to Go- perfect for on the go cuts. 

10. Anti-bac

11. Notepad- for your little artist or budding author.

12. Snack- probably meant for the kids, but I've been known to sneak a snack every now and then too!

13. Pens- carry a plethora. They'll sure to be lost or broken. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Before Baby Comes

Besides making sure you have all the items the baby needs, packing your diaper & hospital bags, and installing the carseat, there are also things you should do for yourself before baby comes! Here are the things I wanted to tackle before my due date...
1. Sleep!

I feel like my body is already preparing me for this kiddo! Between the bathroom breaks, insomnia, and restless legs, I'm up at least four to five times a night already. I can definitely feel my energy level decreasing again in these final weeks. So anytime I have a spare moment to lay down, I do it. And I don't feel bad about it. I know sleep will be hard to come by in just a few weeks, so I'm snagging all I can at any moment these days!

2. Get a Haircut & Eyebrow Wax

I neglect my hair as it is. I only get it cut twice a year at most, but if I don't get it done now, Lord only knows how long it will be until I get a good cut! My eyebrows also look like Yosemite right now, so those should probably be taken care of too!

3. Get the House Deep Cleaned

Many women prefer diamonds as a Push Gift. My Push Gift? A clean house. These past months I've stayed away from cleaning our bathrooms because I wanted to avoid all those chemicals. So when bathroom duty now becomes a Kyle task, hiring a cleaning crew to come in and handle the bathrooms, floors, and kitchen these next few months all of a sudden is a great idea. Isn't it funny how that works out? ;)

4. Dinner Dates with Friends 

I'm trying to cram in everyone I can, while I can. I want to make an effort to see people, because I know going out to dinner whenever I want and galavanting around town as I please will soon become a thing of the past!

5. Stock up on Loungewear & Feminine Goodies

Although I wish the minute I left the hospital, my old body would magically appear as I walked out those doors, I know that it is not the case and I will be looking at least five months prego for a while. I want to make sure I have some comfy lounge wear like large boxers/shorts and robes to wear around that will keep me cool those beginning weeks since it will be mid-summer. 

Also, I plan on stocking up on giant maxi pads and/or Depends for the first couple of weeks. Thankfully, my friends have been brutally honest with me. You bleed heavily for the first few weeks after birth (even if you have a C-section). Looks like it's back to the awkward junior high period days for me! My doula also recommended freezing the pads with witch hazel on them so they serve as a nice cold compress those first weeks. Lastly, my friends told me to ransack the hospital before I leave, making sure to take the adult undergarments for mom (so cute!) and anything else they supply!

6. Arrange All Finances

This may be last, but I believe it is truly the most important. As morbid as it seems, things like life insurance and wills need to be taken care of. Between our bank accounts, house, and rental properties, I think having everything organized and arranged for your kids in case anything should happen to you is the most responsible and loving thing you can do for them. 

A friend who had to deal with loss and the mess of dealing with probate courts recommended filing out these "Must Have Documents" by Suze Orman. It will take care of will, revocable trust, financial power of attorney, and durable power of attorney for Healthcare. 

We also plan on opening up a savings account for our child, which we will likely invest in some stock for them once the market takes a tumble again. (Let's be honest, it's inevitable. It's almost election time). My parents did this for me, and I'm so thankful they did!

529 Plans are also an option, but just know that these funds have to be used toward education in order to be non-taxable. Kyle and I have agreed that our kids will likely want to be traveling mimes or musicians on the street corner, so we plan on converting our IRA's into Roth IRA's (which can be used non-taxed toward education) so our funds can be saved but not necessarily spent on education, in case that is not the route they want to choose. We both worked our asses off to get full rides to college, and I want to instill that work ethic in my kids too. I don't want them assuming that mom and dad will just pay for them to spend four years playing flip cup and drinking underage at all the bars on our dimes. (I know how college works. And I also know it was the best four years of my life!)

Lastly, do not forget to add the baby to your health insurance plan and as a beneficiary to your 401k. I know these tasks aren't the most fun, but they are necessary, and you will be happy once you've got them done!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


After months in the works, the baby nursery is finally finished! 

Not going to lie, it was a bit of a challenge trying to decorate without knowing the gender, but I wanted to stick with colors and textures that were the vibe of our house already. Plus, I'm not a pink or purple, diamond studded, "princess" type. In fact, I'm sure I was told on numerous occasions growing up, "You ain't no damn princess." So if I do have a girl, let's just hope she's more of a blue/green kind of gal like me. 

The space we had to work with wasn't huge, so Kyle had the idea of adding a Murphy Bed Wall Unit so that our queen bed could still be useful in that room. I not only like the look of it and its storage, but that it is functional as well. Point for Team Husband!

Crib: Jenny Lind Convertible Crib  Crib Sheets: Quick Zip  Crib Skirt: Carousel Designs  Rug: Living Spaces  Glider: Pottery Barn Outlet  Pillows: West Elm  Murphy Bed Wall Unit: Costco  Woven Baskets: The Container Store  Oars & Adventure Wall Art: HomeGoods Lamb Rocker: Pottery Barn Leaf Wall Art: West Elm   Poof: The Land of Nod

If anyone has questions about any of the products, be sure to comment below or shoot me a message!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Third Trimester Q&A

Here we are. The home stretch! And in less than two months - it's about to go down! It's crazy to think about how much life is going to change. I know I'll never be fully prepared, but I'm giving it the ole' college try.  

Here is the last Q&A session with your I Guess I'm Due editor, Ester. Enjoy this candid convo between a mom-of-three and a struggling mom-to-be!

 1. Okay, so really give me the low down. Everyone says how amazing the Second Trimester is and then it all goes down hill in the Third. I've been alright so far, a few random pains I refer to as "Lightning Vagina." (Sorry for the mental image, but its the only thing I can say that really paints the picture of the sensation down there. Especially on left side. Weird. TMI. Moving on...) I think it's due to the baby's growing weight and increasing pressure. Anyways, please shine a light on my last few weeks. 

E: These last few weeks are bitter sweet. The anticipation knowing the little one will soon make its debut soon is hard to manage. The bond that you've been sharing with your little one in utero will soon be over. But, knowing you'll soon be holding your baby and create a new bond in unexplainable.  

2. Confession - I really haven't read much about the kid. But I do plan on reading Babywise this week which you sent me. We also watched Happiest Baby on the Block which you recommended and signed up for an Infant CPR and a Babycare Basics class. Anything else I should study up on or should I just plan on winging it like I do with a lot of things in life? 

E: I'd recommend taking a breastfeeding class. Although it's suppose to be a natural thing for mom's to do, I found it awkward and complicated the first go around. A few extra tips from an expert will never hurt!

3. Now onto health and exercise. In a weird twist of fate, I am now craving everything I couldn't stomach in the First Trimester. I want tons of fresh fruit especially watermelon, and fresh salads with tons of cucumber. Is there anything else I should try to eat right now and how hard does exercising get toward the end? 

E: Just keeping eating a healthy variety of foods. Shrimp and salmon are great brain foods for the baby. And don't be surprised if exercising becomes harder with all that pressure. Expect to take bathroom breaks about every 15 minutes. 

4. I know there are tons of services out there right now that make life easier for moms. We were planning on signing up for Amazon's diaper and wipes delivery and thinking about getting our groceries delivered at least for the first three months. Did you ever use any of these services? If so, which do I really need? 

E: We love Amazon! Diapers and wipes at your doorstep?! Could it get any better? I haven't tried grocery delivery, only because my small town doesn't have that service. But if we did I'd be all over that! I'd also recommend looking into a company like, Blue Apron, that delivers meals to cook. It'll save you time and energy trying to decide what to put on the table. 

5. Thank the Lord Jesus, you are coming out in May to help me get ready for this. Kyle and I had a conversation that went as follows: "So, um what does the kid sleep in?" "Uh, Pajamas? A swaddle? Maybe a onesie? Oh, I don't know... We'll just ask Ester when she comes out." Just so you know, that has been my response to everything. Are you sure you want to take on the task of helping us idiots out? 

E: Are you kidding?! I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Updated Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

When I decided to take on the task of tackling the Baby Registry back in the spring, the first thing I did was take a look at our I Guess I'm Due Ultimate Registry Guide. That was my jumping off point. I then surveyed all of my other mom friends and they were kind enough to send their excel sheets and recommend brands and products. 

I decided to register with because the site allowed me to combine multiple registries into one.  So my registries at Amazon, Target, & Pottery Barn Kids (Which I would not recommend. Things were constantly on back order or out of stock. Very frustrating.) were combined into one. 

A registry can be a daunting task. (All that work, and then no one seems to follow it anyways!) It is important to put everything you want on there, because if it is not gifted, you can use the completion discounts from the sites to purchase any of the items you need in the end! 

Everyone has different tastes and every baby is different, but I wanted to update our guide and provide you with pictures & brands of EVERY ITEM on my list in order of importance in hopes of making your life easier! 

**This has been updated since I've had the baby. I'm now a year out - so the products on here are the ones that worked for me! It also includes what we went out to buy after baby was born.**


Crib: Of course those fancy cribs can be mighty appealing, but I opted for a simple, traditional look at a very affordable price and went with the Jenny Lind Convertible Crib

Crib Mattress: These too can be expensive, but I figured there was going to be sheets and pads on top, so why spend an outrageous amount? I went with the DaVinci Hypoallergenic Mattress because they also made my crib, so I knew it would fit. 

Glider/Rocker: I was shocked at how expensive these dang things were! Even simple ones were $300 bucks. Luckily, we found our Sparrow Glider at the Pottery Barn Kids Outlet, so it was close to 70% off. Always check outlets or Craiglist before you pay the full amount for these things!

Travel System: We opted to go with the Stokke Brand for Carseat & Stroller, but I've also heard great things about Britax, and UppaBaby Travel Systems as well! In hindsight, I should have just gotten one that converts to a double stroller, now that we are thinking of expanding. If you want more than one, think about this before you buy a stroller! Be sure to also get a stroller organizer - it's perfect for holding your water and phone while out shopping or on walks! Also 'The Mommy Hook' is perfect for holding all of your groceries!

Crib Sheets & Mattress Pads: QuickZip Sheets all the way! I bought the drop-in sheet with base, two heavenly soft covers, and two QuickZip Mattress Pads

Monitor: My husband was trying to be tech savvy and use an app (which will work during the day, but uh, your phone turns off at night). So we went with this Video Monitor by Motorola for nighttime. It's pretty basic and there are new ones out there. We will most likely get a new one in the future that is wireless. Now that she is mobile, it's proving to be an issue. Once again, things you don't think of with a newborn!


Rock n' Play: Out of every mom I talked to, the Fisher Price Auto Rock n' Play was a must have! Most of their kids preferred napping and sleeping in this over anything else!

Bouncer: There are tons out there and I'm sure all do the trick. I wanted something very portable. This Baby Bjorn Bouncer came highly recommended because it uses the child's movements to get it into motion and converts into a seat for toddlers. We also got another bouncer from one of Kyle's co-workers. It is by Bright Starts and she likes this one the best because the toys hang down in front of her! For bouncers, I'd go with the simple Bright Starts one!

Swing: We went with the Fisher Price Cradle Swing and thank God we did. This is her favorite device and allows me to get things done around the house while she's in it!

White Noise Machine: I was reading reviews and a lot of baby sound machines burn out quickly because of so much use. A friend recommended this Sound Therapy System because it has lasted over four years!

Swaddles: There are so many to choose from! A new mom just recommended the latest swaddle to come out called the NuRoo which grows with your child. I use that for naps during the day. I also went with the Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets, I don't really use them to swaddle but they are great to have on hand to cover her up. They are light and great for the summer! For the nighttime, lots of people swear by the Miracle Blanket, in the end Rynnie just preferred being double swaddled in her hospital blankets. Be sure to ransack that hospital - take everything! We also purchased the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit at three months old to transition her from the swaddle - it helped a ton!

Sleep Sacks: I used the  Halo Sleep Sack in size small as a transition out of the Merlin's sleep suit. I then went with the Aden and Anais Sleeping Bags in medium and large, but ended up not using them. Once she started rolling and sleeping on her stomach around 6 months, I just let her sleep in her PJ's. 

Carriers: We went with the ErgoBaby 360 Cool Air Carrier (Because anyone who has played volleyball with Kyle knows he's a sweater. And it's pretty gross.) As for myself, I went with the soft wrap from Solly Baby Wrap and the Beco Ring Sling. I attempted the Solly at week 3 and was too overwhelmed by all the fabric. Kyle and I then went to a Baby Wearing class at the park and figured out what the hell we were doing with these things. It really helped. I now love the Solly Wrap for my long morning walks with the dog. She falls asleep in it every time! And I keep the ring sling in my diaper bag. It is very easy and convenient when you are on the go! Carriers for women are tough, it may take a bit to find the one you like - so don't take the tags off at the beginning!

Diaper Bag: After purchasing and returning about 6 different ones (no joke), I was using a simple Target tote bag but needed something that zipped for when we went through aiport security, so I finally settled on the Skip Hop Grand Central. And now at 11 months, I bought a diaper bag back pack to transition to for travel. I think I'm going to stick with it. Doesn't fit as much, but is definitely more compact and easier to manage now that baby is mobile!


Bottles, Storage, & Warmer Kit: I just came across this Breastfeeding Gift Set by Kiinde and am pretty psyched about it. The storage bags hook directly to your pump and their bottle goes directly over the bag. No transferring needed! The warmer also warms both bottles & storage bags. (
Obviously you need a breast pump, but this should be covered by your insurance so you won't need to register for it!) Rynn ended up not liking these bottles, so they system wasn't totally utilized to its fullest potential. But if the baby likes it, then it's a win win. Unfortunately, it's always trial and error!

You may also want to get some pump accessories like a hands-free pumping bra and simple bag for all of your pump supplies! I am not the biggest fan of pumping, so at my Mommy and Me class they suggested buying a simple hand pump for when you are on the go or traveling. That is the only thing I use now! It is more comfortable and I enjoy it much better - just a tip if the electric pump is hurting you!

DO NOT REGISTER FOR BOTTLES. Only buy a couple single bottles until you see what the baby likes. We've gone through about five kinds so far! All babies are different and prefer different kinds. You won't know until they are here! The cheap-o simple Gerber First Essentials Bottles with the old school latex nipple is what did it for us!

Nursing Pads: Lansinoh disposable pads or the Target brand. Buy tons of these! Plan on at least a box or two a month!

Bottle Sterilizer & Sterilizing Bags: This item is definitely debatable, some moms say a sterilizer is necessary and others say you can just boil water. Well, our dishwasher sucks so I hand wash everything anyways, and I can barely wait for water to boil for pasta! This Baby Brezza Sterilizer drys the bottles as well which is a plus. Medela Sterilizing Bags are also nice to have on hand in case you need to clean anything in a hurry! I used the big sterilizer alot when she was a newborn and I was more anal about germs, now that she's almost one I never really use it!

Unscented Bottle Soap: Apparently any sort of fragrance can be absorbed by the bottles when you clean them and can turn off the baby to that bottle, so a friend recommended using Babyganics Unscented Dish & Bottle Soap when washing & rinsing off. I purchased this white Boon drying rack for things to dry on and this Boon bottle brush as well. 

Nursing Cover: I went with a simple gray colored cover that snaps up the side. 

Burp Cloths: Extra large Cloth Diapers do the trick!

Nursing Pillow: A couple to choose from, but my doula recommended the My Brest Friend Pillow

Gas Drops: Go with Mylicon. We've tried others but this is by far our favorite. The dropper is much better than the other brands. She likes these best. We give them to her BEFORE her feedings and they really help with gas. Buy stock in these! You'll need them! Pick up some Infant Tylenol too - you'll need that for after vaccinations. If you are still having trouble with gas, you may want to try baby probiotics. Our doctor recommended we do so at 6-8 weeks and it really helped!

Nipple Cream: Medela Lanolin Cream is all-natural and is safe for baby and mom! The hospital gave us lots of samples. You will go through lots of it in the beginning weeks. Use after every feeding!


Changing Pad: I went with the Summer Infant Contour Changing Pad.

Changing Pad Covers: Make sure to get at least two of these! We opted for the Burt's Bees brand. Also, we bought two packs of Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners as another protective layer against blowouts!

Diaper Pail: Make sure you get one that you can open with your foot, no one wants to be sticking their hands in that mess! We went with the Dekor Plus Hands Free Pail

Pail Refills: Can't forget the diaper pail bag refills!

Wipes: A friend recommended using WaterWipes from Target for the first three months because her son got bad diaper rash from regular ones. I plan on using Pampers or Costco wipes in the months after that. 

Travel Changing Clutch: A portable extra changing pad and organizer for your diaper bag or car. 

Diapers: Have heard great things about Pampers and horrible things about Huggies. (Sorry - just sayin'!) We only needed one box of newborn diapers at the beginning. After, we started using Amazon's Subscribe & Save and get a box of Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers delivered each month. 

Cleanser & Rash Cream: Mustela Physiobebe Cleanser comes highly recommended for keeping the bottom clean after diaper changes, as well as some Boudreaux Butt Paste for the inevitable rash! And don't forget one of those little butt spatulas to apply the paste!


Infant Tub: I got a little techie with this one and went with the 4Moms Infant Tub which displays the temperature and gives you a green light when you are good to go!

Shampoo & Body Wash: Mustela 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash has no harsh chemicals and is safe to use early on. 

Mat: Something to kneel on for bath time as the baby gets older. 

Hooded Towels: I'm such a sucker for these. I think the animal ones are too cute! Get a couple, but we went with a duck & bear

Safety Kit: This kit by Safety First contains everything you need for grooming and healthcare for your newborn! We also ended up buying a Nose Frida - it sounds gross, but works the best especially with Little Remedies Saline Spray!

Wash Cloths: Don't forget some nice soft wash cloths for those sponge baths in the early weeks. 


Boppy Pillows: A friend gave us her Newborn Lounger, and Rynn loved it her first months and the regular Boppy Pillow is for sitting and tummy time the later months. 

Play Mat: This Rainforest Melodies Mat by Fisher Price. She loves it during playtime. 

Exersaucer: You won't need this for a couple months, but apparently an Excersaucer/Jumperoo keeps them busy once they are on the move! We ended up swapping out the exersaucer for this Fisher Price jumperoo and it has been the BEST INVESTMENT. She's lived in from 4 months to 6 months and is by far her favorite thing to play in. Definitely a must!

Sit-Me-Up Chair: I've heard mixed reviews about the Bumbo, so here is an alternative - the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Chair. It's roomier and has a tray and toys. 


Carseat Canopy: This Copper Pearl Canopy is great for shading your little one on walks, especially on windy days, and also doubles as a nursing cover! We also ended up buying the Brica Carseat Cover because an article freaked me out about overheating my child in the carseat. It has a solar cover to protect from the sun, but it mesh on the sides so there is still air flow. It's been super hot here lately and this is the best thing I could find for summer babies! The JJ Cole seems to also be a good choice for a winter cover. 

WubbaNubs: Apparently, I should buy stock in these because I was told to buy a ton of WubbaNubs to have on hand! Kids love them!

Cart Cover: The Comfort & Harmony Neoprene Cart Cover is easy to clean and also doubles as a changing pad. 

Car Mirror: A mirror for the backseat so you can see the rear-facing baby!

Nuk Newborn Pacifiers: We ended up having to go out and buy these because Rynnie was a total sucker and needed one at 2 weeks to soothe her. The Wubbanubs seemed too big so we went with these Nuks and she loved them. 

Sleep Sheep: Great for some cute white noise on the go!

Teether: A Sophie the Giraffe for dreaded teething time.

Wipes Warmer: I wanted a dispenser for the changing table, but then my mother-in-law also bought us a wipes warmer when she came to visit. It really helped and stopped the crying during changes, so we use that instead!

These items are last on the list because you won't need them until baby is at least a couple months old. They are lowest priority in terms of registry. 

High Chair: 4Moms just came out with a new Magnetic High Chair. I know it isn't going to stop food from being hurled at me, but it can't hurt! I've also heard good things about the Joovy High Chair. This simple Ikea High Chair has also been recommended by some friends because its super easy to clean! I bought the Ikea one for when we travel to Ohio, and will most likely just buy this one if we have another!

Plates & Bowls: This is the magnetic Starter Set by 4Moms to go with their high chair. 

Food Storage: Some little storage containers if you decide to make your own baby food!

Portable High Chair: Not a necessity either, but this portable high chair came recommended if you want them to sit at the kitchen island or take out to a restaurant! WE USE THIS ALL THE TIME. A GREAT INVESTMENT!

Portable Playard: We are going to be traveling to see family a lot, so a portable crib was important. The Lotus Travel Crib folds into a back pack, which will definitely help us out on trips!

No-Touch Thermometer: Once we can stop taking its rectal temperature, this no-touch thermometer will probably be greatly appreciated on their end!

Additional Convertible Carseat: We have the infant car seat with the travel system, but the baby will eventually grow out of it. People have recommended either the Maxi Cosi Convertible Carseat or the Graco 4ever All in One Carseat for the other car so it can be used until its full grown.

Sippy Cups: These won't be needed until months later, but the Munchkin 360 Trainer Cups have gotten rave reviews. But when you introduc the sippy at 6 months, Rynn had not a clue what to do with these! The Nuk Sippy Cup is what worked best. She takes her milk in this and uses a ThinkBaby Sippy for water!

Food Mats: I saw these EZPZ mats on Shark Tank. They are great for on the go or for at home. The mini mats are best for rolling up in your diaper bag when you're on the run. 

Bibs: Besides the cloth bibs or bandana bibs (the Zoozik or Honest brands are my favs. Honest are small and work best for when your child starts drooling at 2-3 months, plus they are magnetic!) your kid may sport during the day, these OXO waterproof roll up bibs are great for feeding time! I also ended up buying these Green Sprouts bibs when she started teething at 5 months. These are the ones we use each day. The bandana bibs have become ones we wear with cute oufits. The Green Sprouts bibs soak up much more drool. And at 9 months she decided she liked to rip them off so I had to buy these JJ Cole ones with Snaps. If I were you I'd just go with the snaps ones from the get-go. You'll need them in the end!

Playmat: For those of you who have wood floors, we purchased these Skip Hop floor tiles for our living room for her to play on around 3 months. I love it because they still look chic and go with the design of our house!

Carseat Neck Pillow: I also recommend getting one of these Benbat Neck Pillows for your infant in the carseat. Rynn had Torticollis and this helps keep her next straight rather than having to use rolled up blankets to prop her little head up!

Nursing Night Gowns: Last but certainly not least, all you moms of summer babies will love these. I have been living in these nightgowns from Target! I have 7 already because I wear them day and night. They are so comfy to sleep in and I feel like I can wear them out and about as well!

I know, it's a ton. Sorry if I got you overwhelmed. But I wanted to put all of my research and registry items out there to save you time. I wish I would have had some sort of guide with pictures and brands when I first started. Hope this helps!