Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Doctor's Appointment Numero Dos

Welp, chalk that one up to another thing that happens to me that doesn't happen to normal people. 

Kyle was more upset with the news than I was. He hated giving me the shots in my stomach twice a day when I had the blood clot three years ago. They were painful and I bruised badly. The thought of injecting me now with a growing child inside was too much. I know it's probably impossible to poke it's eye out, but knowing us, we would find a way...

Thankfully, Dr. Oberman compromised with us and said I could do the shots in my butt, thighs, or back of my arms. I was relieved. I was also relieved when we heard the heartbeat and she said everything about the baby looked "perfect." 

I was strangely positive leaving the visit, until my hormones kicked in later that night. The reality of my next six months began to set in as well as my frustration and fear. So what did I do? I cried, sent Kyle to get me an Oreo McFlurry, and watched Vanderpump Rules. This always seems to be my remedy for hard times, only leaving me bloated, in pain, and reaching for the Gas-X in the middle of the night. (It really is a vicious, vicious cycle...)

But after the flood gates closed, my mama bear mode kicked in. I knew that I was one tough cookie and could handle it. As long as the kiddo was okay, I would be okay. The way I look at it is, millions of women have to go through the process of IVF and take painful shots and the end result may not be a child. IVF was looking like a process I would have to endure, but luckily it happened naturally. So if shots is what it takes to ensure my end result be a healthy pregnancy and child, so be it. 

I know this is just the first of millions of sacrifices I will be making the rest of my life for my child. And like all of you other moms out there, I am more than happy to do so. 

But I can guarantee you this, come August - my shots will with one thing and one thing only - much needed Patron. 

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