Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What's Up Doc?

As we proceeded to sit there in the waiting room (one of us more visibly nervous than the other...) the topic of what I wasn't allowed to eat came up. I started rattling off all of the things they tell you to stay away from, most of which I've probably had these past weeks, when it dawned me -- "Oh, my God. I think you aren't supposed to eat lunch meat. I've been living on Subway and Jersey Mikes. They are part of the select few things that don't make me want to vom!" 

Right then, we see the Ultrasound Tech walk by. My love for cold cuts has now sent me into a downward spiral thinking I am only weeks into this and I am already the worst mother alive. Kyle's response -- "Uh, oh. You know what they are going to say during the Ultrasound, 'Now that's a lunch meat baby right there!'" Aaaaaand on that note, they called us back. 

Now I thought when the lady put the gel on my stomach that she would have to feel around for a while until she found the baby (because that's what happened to Kandi on Real Housewives. My basis for all reality). But as soon as she put it on my stomach, Little One popped right up on the screen! 

I thought I was only a little over 10 weeks along, but low and behold I was already 12. (Details have never been my forte), so I was assuming I wouldn't be able to clearly see anything, but clearly was I wrong! We could see the nose and its little arms and feet moving. 

Kyle and I started screaming "Oh my god!" over and over and were totally geeking out. I'm sure you could hear us outside and were wondering what the hell was going on in there. Then we heard the heart beat, and I immediately started sobbing. I had been so sick for so long and it had been hard to feel excited. But now I could finally see why. And it was so worth it. 

Leaving that appointment, we were on a total high. We decided to celebrate with a nice brunch in Beverly Hills. But before this fanciness could occur, I proceeded to puke in front of my car in the parking garage while cars circled the packed lot around me. Ahhhhh, the memories...

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