Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second Trimester Treats

As you emerge from your zombie-like trance of the First Trimester and begin to see a resemblance of your former self as you reach the Second Trimester, allow yourself some indulgences. You've been put through the ringer and deserve a pick-me-up! 

Here are the little things I treated myself to as I began to feel better: 

1. Underwear that Fits

Over Christmas, I realized I had a major problem: My ass was eating my boyshorts. My expanding back and butt had made my everyday underwear uncomfortable. So when I returned home, I went to Victoria Secret and picked up some cotton briefs. Hey - when you have to make the transition to larger granny panties - at least do so with some cute leopard print!

2. A Sephora Splurge 

The winter weather in Ohio and first trimester of pregnancy in general had left my skin in need of repair. It was drier and more splotchy than usual. I had read about the greatness of NARS tinted moisturizer and decided to try it out. After being sick for months, my face probably looked more green than glowing. So if it wasn't going to come naturally, I sure as hell had no problem faking it!

3. A Faux-Sushi Dinner

Raw Fish is among the slew of things you aren't allowed to have while pregnant, which only left me desperately craving my favorite Sushi restaurant. You always want what you can't have. One night, I googled if California rolls with imitation crab were safe to eat. Apparently, they were! So Golden Globes weekend, after I got home from a long day of taping, we ordered some. 

That cucumber sunomo salad and double order of California rolls sure did hit the spot. All it took was a little takeout to lift my spirits and bring me back to the good ol' days!

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