Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Third Trimester Q&A

Here we are. The home stretch! And in less than two months - it's about to go down! It's crazy to think about how much life is going to change. I know I'll never be fully prepared, but I'm giving it the ole' college try.  

Here is the last Q&A session with your I Guess I'm Due editor, Ester. Enjoy this candid convo between a mom-of-three and a struggling mom-to-be!

 1. Okay, so really give me the low down. Everyone says how amazing the Second Trimester is and then it all goes down hill in the Third. I've been alright so far, a few random pains I refer to as "Lightning Vagina." (Sorry for the mental image, but its the only thing I can say that really paints the picture of the sensation down there. Especially on left side. Weird. TMI. Moving on...) I think it's due to the baby's growing weight and increasing pressure. Anyways, please shine a light on my last few weeks. 

E: These last few weeks are bitter sweet. The anticipation knowing the little one will soon make its debut soon is hard to manage. The bond that you've been sharing with your little one in utero will soon be over. But, knowing you'll soon be holding your baby and create a new bond in unexplainable.  

2. Confession - I really haven't read much about the kid. But I do plan on reading Babywise this week which you sent me. We also watched Happiest Baby on the Block which you recommended and signed up for an Infant CPR and a Babycare Basics class. Anything else I should study up on or should I just plan on winging it like I do with a lot of things in life? 

E: I'd recommend taking a breastfeeding class. Although it's suppose to be a natural thing for mom's to do, I found it awkward and complicated the first go around. A few extra tips from an expert will never hurt!

3. Now onto health and exercise. In a weird twist of fate, I am now craving everything I couldn't stomach in the First Trimester. I want tons of fresh fruit especially watermelon, and fresh salads with tons of cucumber. Is there anything else I should try to eat right now and how hard does exercising get toward the end? 

E: Just keeping eating a healthy variety of foods. Shrimp and salmon are great brain foods for the baby. And don't be surprised if exercising becomes harder with all that pressure. Expect to take bathroom breaks about every 15 minutes. 

4. I know there are tons of services out there right now that make life easier for moms. We were planning on signing up for Amazon's diaper and wipes delivery and thinking about getting our groceries delivered at least for the first three months. Did you ever use any of these services? If so, which do I really need? 

E: We love Amazon! Diapers and wipes at your doorstep?! Could it get any better? I haven't tried grocery delivery, only because my small town doesn't have that service. But if we did I'd be all over that! I'd also recommend looking into a company like, Blue Apron, that delivers meals to cook. It'll save you time and energy trying to decide what to put on the table. 

5. Thank the Lord Jesus, you are coming out in May to help me get ready for this. Kyle and I had a conversation that went as follows: "So, um what does the kid sleep in?" "Uh, Pajamas? A swaddle? Maybe a onesie? Oh, I don't know... We'll just ask Ester when she comes out." Just so you know, that has been my response to everything. Are you sure you want to take on the task of helping us idiots out? 

E: Are you kidding?! I can't wait!

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