Monday, March 20, 2017

Nursing Wardrobe Essentials

So I knew I needed to expand my wardrobe for when I was pregnant, but I assumed I would be able to just wear my old (fat) clothes when it was all over. Not so fast my friend! I forgot that I would then be nursing and my wardrobe would have to now revolve around that!

Here are my favorite brands and items for your wardrobe when nursing: 

1. Seamless Nursing Bras - By far the comfiest bras out there. Perfect to pull aside and nurse with!

2. Underwire Nursing Bra - This bra was nice for when I had a dressier outfit on but still needed to nurse the baby if I was out. It also works if you are back at work and pumping. 

3. Deep V T-Shirts - These are so clutch and I still wear them every day. Have one in every color! I actually had a hard time finding shirts with a deep enough V that were easy to pull to the side and nurse. These ones from J. Crew are my fav!

4. Nursing Gowns - I talked about these in my Aftermath of Pregnancy video, but these are the comfiest things to sleep in and are perfect for lounging even if company comes over during the day. The nursing pads just slip in the top, so you don't have to wear a bra to bed - Praise Jesus. In the winter months, just throw a robe on over it!

5. Nursing Tanks - I tried a couple styles, but these tanks from H&M were the cheapest and ended up fitting the best! They are perfect to wear under any regular shirt. That way you can lift up your shirt and nurse but your stomach is still covered. I didn't get this memo until I sported a regular bra and let it all hang out at Mommy and Me while everyone else had these tanks with tops on over them. Now you know!

6. Pumping Tanks - My friend Jill recommended this Hands Free Pumping Tank instead of those popular white band ones. These are comfortable and keep the pumps securely in place!

Monday, March 6, 2017

5 Tips for Breastfeeding

Hi all - So I have to report that I have been a complete disaster these last couple of weeks. I ran into our garage... I wish I had an excuse like Rynn was screaming and I was turning around to check on her, or Kyle's big Tahoe was already parked in there. Nope. No excuse. Just took the turn wide. 

The next week I thought I locked Rynn & Harry in the car after coming back from the grocery store. Her window was down two inches and I proceeded to get my entire arm stuck in there while trying to get her out. I pried my arm out and have huge bruises to show for it, only to find that my driver side door was open the entire time. 

Then, this past Sunday I got food poisoning. I repeat - I AM A DISASTER. My parents get out here on Wednesday and I am counting down the days! So apologies if this breastfeeding video is a bit scattered. I don't know if I can blame this all on 'mom' brain or that I'm just an idiot, but I'm going to use that excuse while I can. 

Please feel free to comment with any other tips and tricks or breastfeeding advice for other moms-to-be!

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Aftermath of Childbirth

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you! We have been in moving hell for the past month and half and are just starting to get settled. I thought it was hard before, but with a kid it's even worse! 

As I said in my last HuffPost Article, the baby I was prepared for - the aftermath to my body I was not. Although no words can really describe it, I thought I would give it the old college try: 

1. Squirt Bottle (Given at Hospital)
2. Ice Diaper (Use newborn size, since you will probably have extra)
3. Stool Softeners (Colace or Target Brand)
4. Depends Fit-Flex (Sexy), Regular Pads, Panty Liners
5. Sitz Bath (Given at Hospital)
6. Belly Bandit (Got mine at Destination Maternity)
7. Nursing Gowns (Target or Motherhood Maternity)
8. Oatmeal (My fav are Quaker Oats individual Real Medley's)
9. Nursing Pads (Lansinoh or Target Brand)
10. Nipple Cream (Medela Lanolin & Mother's Love)

- You will also need all of the above (minus ice diapers & sitz bath) because you will bleed as well. Your body needs to get rid of stuff too. 
- I reached out to my friends and they said that they avoided bikini briefs and chose high waisted underwear/depends/mesh underwear from hospital to avoid rubbing against the scar. 
- It's best to keep the scar clean and air dry it as much as possible. 
- The binder they give you to wear is clutch!

If this scared the hell out of you, I really do apologize. But sometimes if you go into something and know what's in store, it's not as bad as it sounds. That is my hope for you my friends :) 

Comment below if you have any other suggestions or tips for mamas-to-be!