Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Hands Hurt

One of the initial I Guess I'm Due moments was when I realized how painfully dry my hands were getting.  Everyone tells you, "WASH YOUR HANDS!" (yes, they yell it) before you touch a baby.  One time, I simply looked at Abram and Whit told me I had to wash my hands...I didn't even make the impression I was going over there, she knew...she. just. knew.

Well, now I am passing along my official I Guess I'm Due advice: Wash your hands constantly!  There is simply no point in risking the spread of any kind of germ to your little angel when their immune system is essentially non-existent. Here is my advice, once you have followed everyone else's advice --> Lather up your hands with lotion all the time, too! 

My experience may have been exaggerated because little Abram came during the dead of winter, but my hands were nice and brittle.  I was never one to put lotion on with any frequency, but now: My name is Rick, I am a lotion addict....I...Must...Moisturize.  If you have a baby soon...get the Big Gulp version of lotion bottle, you'll need it!

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