Friday, October 17, 2014

A Fall Recipe- Take 2

Alright so I had to redeem myself from my first disaster of a recipe. This time, I went for something a bit more simple. 

Banana Pretzel Spiders
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To make 6 spiders you will need:
~2 large bananas (cut into about six 1 to 2 -inch bites)
~pretzel sticks (we needed enough to give our spiders 8 legs) 
~peanut butter (to attach the eyes)
Take a banana bite and insert 4 pretzel sticks in each side. 

Gently dip two raisins in peanut butter and push the two raisins on the top of the banana for eyes. 

Okay, so maybe the kids had some funny looking spiders, but who cares, these were so much fun to make, and they were yummy to eat!  

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