Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Of Those Days

It was one of those days. It seemed like my I Guess Im Due moments were adding up quick...The kids were wild, they were getting on each others nerves, energy was high, and my headache was getting worse. I had to send Jakson to time-out twice and it wasn’t pretty. The house looked like a tornado had just blown through. I couldn’t keep up. The dishes were piled high, crumbs on the floor, and Raina had taken a pen to the couch! It was one of those days...All day long, I couldn’t help but keep checking the time. I was counting down the minutes to 7:30, when Jason would be home.

The second he walked in the door, I said, “It’s been a rough day. I’m going to our room and I’m locking the door.” I grabbed a glass a wine and locked the door behind me.
I just needed to get away. Some days in order to find some sanity, to find my patience again, to insure the safety of my children, I just need to be alone. That night, I did things I normally never do. I quietly put my laundry away, I enjoyed a hot shower, alone, and I sat on my bed and just thought. Yes, It was just one of those days, and I’m sure it’s not the last. 

So the next time you have "one of those days," don't feel guilty if you need to lock yourself away and just sit. You deserve it and your mind will thank you later. 

image credit: ottawavalleymoms.com

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