Friday, August 28, 2015

A Week of Firsts...

Well, like some parents this week, we survived our first week back to school. It took a few days to get back in the rhythm of waking up early, packing lunches, picking outfits, and making it out in time, but we did it! This week also marked the first time in six years, that we will have all three in school for two out of the five days. This new found freedom seems strange to me. But, I'm sure it won't take long to enjoy some lunch dates with the hubby, tackling house projects without interruptions, and taking some time out for me.

This week also marked the first day of dance class. As you can see, with one diva and one class clown, this new experience already came with some I Guess I'm Due moments! Raina refused to take off her favorite blue t-shirt until the very last second. I was pretty convinced, I was going to have to ask to the ballet instructor if she would make an exception to the dress code, just this one time. Thank goodness Raina changed her mind!
So from one parent to another, here's to a great week of firsts and here's to a great school year of I Guess I'm Due moments!

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