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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Playing School

School is out! And if you ask my kids what they like to do during the summer, the answer you'll get is "playing school." As we wrap up breakfast, the first question the kids ask is, "Can we play school?" My response? Absolutely!

Our first assignment: Animal Investigations! The kids were to pick an animal to learn about and create a poster to present their findings. We researched using the internet, library, and videos. They worked hard writing, drawing, painting, and creating, to showcase what they learned. After they finished their projects they were so excited to present their posters to family and friends (pretty much anyone that would listen.)

So if you're looking for the Kurecki kids this summer, you'll find them in our school room, buried in a book, discovering new things, and investigating the world around them...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another mystery...

No matter how much I try to protect my little ones, sometimes I just can't catch every fall. With one broken leg already checked off her list, this little bruiser has a mystery injury on her arm. Leaving the orthopedist with no fracture, but crying every time she moves her arm, Raina is not too thrilled to be spending the next 10 days in a sling. I'm considering having Raina wear padded suits and a helmet from here on out. Now on to the next I Guess I'm Due moment...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Case of Mommy Brain

You know you have a serious case of mommy brain, when you show up for summer soccer camp four weeks early! Oops!! Now, how do I explain to the kids why mommy apparently can't read a calendar?! Looks like this I Guess I'm Due is on me! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our firecracker turns 3!

It's hard to believe that three years ago today our own little firecracker, Raina, entered into this world. And yes, she lives up to every bit of her firecracker nickname. She's wild, loud, unpredictable, and beautiful. 
If you ask her, she's turning four, and tomorrow she'll be five. She's a messy eater, who insists on eating her ice cream, donuts, fried chicken, and pizza the wrong way. She talks with a New York accent and her favorite outfits are pajamas. And it's true that most of our I Guess I'm Due moments occur because of Raina. But life just wouldn't be as much fun without her feisty, free spirit.
So maybe tonight when hear the booming fireworks in the sky, you'll think of our little firecracker. Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Raina! Thank you for bringing our family lots of laughter and happiness.