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Friday, August 28, 2015

A Week of Firsts...

Well, like some parents this week, we survived our first week back to school. It took a few days to get back in the rhythm of waking up early, packing lunches, picking outfits, and making it out in time, but we did it! This week also marked the first time in six years, that we will have all three in school for two out of the five days. This new found freedom seems strange to me. But, I'm sure it won't take long to enjoy some lunch dates with the hubby, tackling house projects without interruptions, and taking some time out for me.

This week also marked the first day of dance class. As you can see, with one diva and one class clown, this new experience already came with some I Guess I'm Due moments! Raina refused to take off her favorite blue t-shirt until the very last second. I was pretty convinced, I was going to have to ask to the ballet instructor if she would make an exception to the dress code, just this one time. Thank goodness Raina changed her mind!
So from one parent to another, here's to a great week of firsts and here's to a great school year of I Guess I'm Due moments!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'A Perfect Pair': Baby Shower Edition

This past weekend we hosted a "Perfect Pair" baby shower for my sister, who's expecting twin boys! It turned out so cute that I just had to share the final product with you all...

The gorgeous mommy-to-be, Raquel (and yes, she really has twins in there!).

A rustic, but elegant table setting, using burlap hints of white and green. 

The menu included:
~ chicken salad croissants
~ cucumber tea sandwiches
~ pear and Gorgonzola crostini

~ sausage blossoms
~ mini quiches
~ fruit tray

~ cardamom pear bread
~ cake with pear filling
 I couldn't believe my cardamom pear bread actually turned out (pictured in the center)...if you are feeling adventurous you'll find the recipe here.
Invites, thank you cards, and thank you tags for the cake pops were all designed with love by my sister Ysabel! 
A 'Babyganics' wreath made by my crafty mom and an amazing diaper cake created by the talented Ysabel!
And to make the shower even sweeter, a beautiful (and yummy) rosette decorated cake with green ombre layers and a pear filling- created by Raquel's mother-in law, Suzette. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

House Guest Rules

This past week our family hosted two British soccer coaches in our home. This would mark our first time hosting overnight guests that wasn't family, and that scared me. Despite the constant "training" we do with our kids, I'm certain that at times we live like cavemen. So, hours before the young men arrived, I began praying that my kids would remember how to act appropriately for seven days straight! However, being a realist, I knew it wouldn't take long for the coaches to think we were a crazy family. To my surprise, one week later, the coaches actually survived living in our home as a "Kurecki". 

Even though neither of the coaches ran off scared, we definitely had our share of  embarrassing I Guess I'm Due moments. So in order to avoid these future I Guess I'm Due moments, I've created a list to help my kids remember what NOT to do when we have house guests...
. . .

Rules When We Have House Guests:

1. Tooting on our guests is not permitted.
2. Please remember to wear underwear at all times (especially when doing handstands).
3. Please close the bathroom door when you are using the potty.
4. When you are finished going potty, be kind and flush.
5. Do not walk around the house naked.
6. Please don’t leave any undies on the kitchen floor.
7. Putting your feet in our guests’ faces is not polite.
8. If the urge to pee occurs outside, peeing out on the lawn is not allowed.
9. No skinny exceptions!
10. Belching during mealtimes is not permitted.
11. And of course, remember your please and thank you’s.