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Monday, June 20, 2016

Final Thoughts

Check out my take on motherhood on my personal site today. Home stretch folks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beyond the Diaper Bag

You've lugged around your diaper bag for what seems like eternity. And luckily, because of I Guess I'm Due's awesome tips, your diaper bag always had just the perfect items! The day has finally have finally graduated from the diaper bag stage (cue happy dance!!) You know you'll throw your phone and wallet in your purse. But the question is, what will you REALLY need to carry in your Mommy Purse?! Enjoy I Guess I'm Due's tips that will help you make sure your purse is stocked for all those mommy moments... 

1. Children's Tylenol- You never know when little ones will spike a fever. The Meltaway Tylenols are my fave because there's no measuring involved!! 

2. Tide To Go- Spills happen which means stains happen...need I say more?!

3. Ibuprofen

4. Band-Aids- Boo boo's are inevitable!

5. Portable phone charger- for those times when the kids run your phone battery down to nothing!

6. Card game- Any card game comes in handy for those moments the kids need to play together quietly. Any deck will do, but my fave is Spot it Jr. !

7. Wipes- For runny noses, spills, and sticky messes

8. Deodorant- For the mornings I leave the house in a rush and forget!!

9. Neo to Go- perfect for on the go cuts. 

10. Anti-bac

11. Notepad- for your little artist or budding author.

12. Snack- probably meant for the kids, but I've been known to sneak a snack every now and then too!

13. Pens- carry a plethora. They'll sure to be lost or broken. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Before Baby Comes

Besides making sure you have all the items the baby needs, packing your diaper & hospital bags, and installing the carseat, there are also things you should do for yourself before baby comes! Here are the things I wanted to tackle before my due date...
1. Sleep!

I feel like my body is already preparing me for this kiddo! Between the bathroom breaks, insomnia, and restless legs, I'm up at least four to five times a night already. I can definitely feel my energy level decreasing again in these final weeks. So anytime I have a spare moment to lay down, I do it. And I don't feel bad about it. I know sleep will be hard to come by in just a few weeks, so I'm snagging all I can at any moment these days!

2. Get a Haircut & Eyebrow Wax

I neglect my hair as it is. I only get it cut twice a year at most, but if I don't get it done now, Lord only knows how long it will be until I get a good cut! My eyebrows also look like Yosemite right now, so those should probably be taken care of too!

3. Get the House Deep Cleaned

Many women prefer diamonds as a Push Gift. My Push Gift? A clean house. These past months I've stayed away from cleaning our bathrooms because I wanted to avoid all those chemicals. So when bathroom duty now becomes a Kyle task, hiring a cleaning crew to come in and handle the bathrooms, floors, and kitchen these next few months all of a sudden is a great idea. Isn't it funny how that works out? ;)

4. Dinner Dates with Friends 

I'm trying to cram in everyone I can, while I can. I want to make an effort to see people, because I know going out to dinner whenever I want and galavanting around town as I please will soon become a thing of the past!

5. Stock up on Loungewear & Feminine Goodies

Although I wish the minute I left the hospital, my old body would magically appear as I walked out those doors, I know that it is not the case and I will be looking at least five months prego for a while. I want to make sure I have some comfy lounge wear like large boxers/shorts and robes to wear around that will keep me cool those beginning weeks since it will be mid-summer. 

Also, I plan on stocking up on giant maxi pads and/or Depends for the first couple of weeks. Thankfully, my friends have been brutally honest with me. You bleed heavily for the first few weeks after birth (even if you have a C-section). Looks like it's back to the awkward junior high period days for me! My doula also recommended freezing the pads with witch hazel on them so they serve as a nice cold compress those first weeks. Lastly, my friends told me to ransack the hospital before I leave, making sure to take the adult undergarments for mom (so cute!) and anything else they supply!

6. Arrange All Finances

This may be last, but I believe it is truly the most important. As morbid as it seems, things like life insurance and wills need to be taken care of. Between our bank accounts, house, and rental properties, I think having everything organized and arranged for your kids in case anything should happen to you is the most responsible and loving thing you can do for them. 

A friend who had to deal with loss and the mess of dealing with probate courts recommended filing out these "Must Have Documents" by Suze Orman. It will take care of will, revocable trust, financial power of attorney, and durable power of attorney for Healthcare. 

We also plan on opening up a savings account for our child, which we will likely invest in some stock for them once the market takes a tumble again. (Let's be honest, it's inevitable. It's almost election time). My parents did this for me, and I'm so thankful they did!

529 Plans are also an option, but just know that these funds have to be used toward education in order to be non-taxable. Kyle and I have agreed that our kids will likely want to be traveling mimes or musicians on the street corner, so we plan on converting our IRA's into Roth IRA's (which can be used non-taxed toward education) so our funds can be saved but not necessarily spent on education, in case that is not the route they want to choose. We both worked our asses off to get full rides to college, and I want to instill that work ethic in my kids too. I don't want them assuming that mom and dad will just pay for them to spend four years playing flip cup and drinking underage at all the bars on our dimes. (I know how college works. And I also know it was the best four years of my life!)

Lastly, do not forget to add the baby to your health insurance plan and as a beneficiary to your 401k. I know these tasks aren't the most fun, but they are necessary, and you will be happy once you've got them done!