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Friday, May 30, 2014

baby fat

I love fat babies. Not just the ones with big cheeks, but the whole enchilada. That’s right, pudgy legs, rolls on the arms, a squishy belly, I love it all! After two chunkers of my own and then a chubby nephew, I've come to accept that rollie pollie babies are just in my genes. However, that wasn't always the case. You see, for almost two years I was in complete denial that my son, Jakson was ever a chunky baby...  

I remember taking Jakson for a walk in the stroller when he was about 1 month old. On my way out, I decided to stop by the leasing office to visit a lady that worked there to show off my cute baby. When the woman took her first look at my baby she blurted, “Girl, you’ve got a fat baby!” Wait, did she say fat?! I remember leaving there and thinking that she obviously had no idea what a fat baby looked like. My baby was NOT fat! 

People would tell me here and there how cute his rolls were and asked how on earth I could hold him because he looked so heavy. Was that suppose to be a compliment?! My mother in law would always tell me, “I can't believe how chunky he is. It must be his mommy’s super milk!” I just didn’t see it. Months, actually I think it was more like 2 years later, I was looking through one of Jakson's baby books and it hit son was a fat baby! Why didn’t I see it before?! 
This whole time he was a chubster, but I saw him as my cute, squishy, cuddly, baby boy. I should have seen it though, at four weeks he weighed a whopping 11 pounds, 16 weeks he came in at 17.9 pounds, and by the time he was 6 months he was already 21 pounds! But, as a mom I chose to see my baby in a different light then the world around, I call it my “mommy goggles”. 

Whether our babies have crazy hair (because my two girls did) long lanky legs, monkey toes, or big ears, they’re absolutely perfect, baby fat and all! 

And, don’t worry, if you have a chunky baby, I found that at about year three they begin to slim down.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Talking to Your Baby: Dad's Take

"I feel like I am in Spanish 101 all over again.  I can say the words, but I feel like I am not communicating."  This was my thought process for the first few weeks of my life with my son.  I would look him straight in the eyes (but apparently he can't see me at all at that stage<-- news to me!) and want to tell him how much I love him and assure him I will always take care of him.  However, I just sat there and said, "hi buddy", over and over again.  This seemed to be my go-to.  I am in sales and speak to people all day, but for some reason this skill set doesn't translate to baby talk.

I am growing now though!  I have observed my wife's interaction with Abram.  She is a pediatric nurse, so I think between her job (taking care of/speaking to babies/kids all day) and my job (taking care of/speaking to adults all day), she has the head start.  However, I think there is more to it than that.  I think mother's have more of a natural instantaneous relationship with their babies.  I mean, she carries him/her around for 9+ month so it makes sense, right?!  This immediate bond paves the way for more comfortable "baby speak."  

I felt so uncomfortable at first trying to talk to him, but I realize now after seeing where I am today that it simply needs time.  I thought Abram would come out and we would be scratchin, talking sports and crackin jokes.  

But, I suppose I need to give it time...what do they say?...gotta crawl before you walk...I suppose that makes sense here.  I'm crawling now, talking to Abram as if he is my own (After reading this, Whit said, "he is your own!?" -- my intention was that I felt like we were strangers. Only after learning how to communicate with him did I truly feel like we were really connected).  We have a relationship that will only continue to expand.  Soon enough we will be walking.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Surviving Disney

It's true, we enjoy going to Disney. You see, prior to our first trip, Jason and I could never understand why parents would put themselves and their kids through the torture of standing in long lines, dealing with crowds, and spending a monstrosity of money. I remember saying multiple times, that we wouldn't ever go to this "magical place," the thought of it gave me anxiety.
Well, three kids and five years later that is no longer true. We finally gave in last February when our little princess, Lilliana turned three. Before making our first trip to the Magic Kingdom we asked Disney-goer friends and family for advice and after a few trips of our own, I compiled some Disney tips to help those that are taking on the Disney World challenge! I hope this guide helps makes your trip a success...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kidecals Giveaway Winner Announced!

As a mom of three I have some must have items, and Kidecals labels is one of them! If you haven't heard of Kidecals, you are missing out!  I fell in love with these labels when I discovered that I could stick them on anything and they wouldn't go anywhere. They can take water, dirt, soap, heat, and even kids! Long gone are the days of sifting through the lost and found at school or wondering if the sippy cup you brought home from the daycare actually belongs to your baby.  

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. . .

Congrats to our random winner...Kelly Fray!

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What's in your diaper bag?

I like to think that I'm good at being prepared for things.  No matter what the event or circumstance,  I get my ducks in a row, make my to do lists, and always have everything ready to go.  Well, I guess that is...until I had a baby.  Like all moms, I had everything ready for when baby arrived--all of my baby stuff that I was told I should get, but then Abram was born and it is like my sense of preparedness came out with him!  

The first time we went out with Abram and brought his diaper bag, I remember sitting on the nursery floor holding it and I looked at Rick and said, "what am I even supposed to put in this thing?"  Clever like he is, my little Rick shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know? Diapers?" Ha. Ha. Thanks, you clown!  At least both of us were clueless!

Well, after much thought and literally looking thru Abram's closet, drawers, and bathroom shelf, I packed up our diaper bag that first time with what I thought should be in it (why doesn't anyone tell you this stuff?) and I have put the same stuff in every time after.  Here are my suggestions for diaper bag fillings, in no particular order (remember that little A is only 4 months old, so obviously depending on the age of your baby, this is subject to change!  I Guess I'm Due will not be held liable for items added unnecessarily or forgotten!)

1. Hand Sanitizer. First and foremost, wash your hands!  

2. Diapers.  Obvious, I know, but seriously, grab a handful of diapers and load em up!  Ever heard of mommy brain?  It's a real thing and it makes you very forgetful! 

3. Wipes.  I always have a huge pack of wipes because you never know if there will be a diaper mess or vomit.  You can never have too many wipes!

4. Desitin or Boudreaux Butt Paste.  Protect that skin (that's the nurse in me typing) even on the go!

5. Portable changing pad.  This is a must!  Do you know the amount of germs on those public changing tables?  We have a Skip Hop 'Pronto' Mini Changer and I use it all the time!  

6. First aid kit.  While Abram may not be out scraping knees, it is always good to have bandaids, gauze, bacitracin, alcohol wipes, etc. just in case.  It will most likely be you needing the first aid kit, and in that case, you'll be thanking yourself! Johnson & Johnson makes a mini one that is sold at pretty much any drug store for about $2!  Totally worth the 200 pennies.

7. Tissues.  Whatever the use, always handy!

8. Pacifier. Attempt to keep the public screaming to a minimum. 

9. Extra pacifier. Again, attempt to keep the public screaming to a minimum.

10. Spare outfit or two (depending on the length of your outing!) The one day this mama forgot to pack an extra outfit for Abram he had a massive blowout, messed up his clothes, and while unfortunate, luckily we were at Buy Buy Baby because I stripped him down and had to go buy him a new outfit!  

11. Burp cloths.  

12. Nursing cover.  Most of the time I plan outings so that he won't have to eat while we are out, but having a cover is always convenient to have!

13. Some kind of toy in case the need arises for distraction.

14. Formula/breastmilk and bottles if you are going to need to feed baby while out and about!

15. Blanket, just in case it gets chilly or if you are going somewhere that you can lay the little one down to play!

What's in your diaper bag?  What's been most useful to you?  Comment below and let me know things I should add now or things I might need in the future!  

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kidecals Giveaway!

As a mom of three I have some must have items, and Kidecals labels is one of them! If you haven't heard of Kidecals, you are missing out!  I fell in love with these labels when I discovered that I could stick them on anything and they wouldn't go anywhere. They can take water, dirt, soap, heat, and even kids! Long gone are the days of sifting through the lost and found at school or wondering if the sippy cup you brought home from the daycare actually belongs to your baby.  

Thanks to our friends at Kidecals, one of our lucky followers will get a chance to try these labels out for themselves!

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Don't forget, to be entered into the drawing just comment below! The random winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 20th. Good Luck!

. . .

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It was about three weeks into this brand new realm of motherhood when I realized something wasn’t quite right with my baby boy.  When I would feed Abram he would latch on, pop off, latch on, pop off...all the while, arching his back, stiffening straight, or pulling his legs into his belly, and fussing.  He constantly made grunting noises and actually a lot of times sounded like a bleating goat. He wasn’t sleeping well, always cried whenever I laid him flat on his back, and no matter how much or how little he ate, there was always spit up.  I was so worried about my little man.  It was breaking my heart that he was having so much discomfort and was unable to rest. 

I decided to take him to the doctor knowing that it probably was reflux and after explaining his symptoms, the doctor completely agreed with me. He decided to start Abram on Prevacid Solutabs.  He said this medicine worked fast and that by the next afternoon, he should be experiencing a lot of relief.  To give this medication, I was to dissolve the tab in water and then pull up the solution into a syringe.  Well, this medicine doesn’t dissolve enough to pull into a syringe without it all settling at the bottom.  So, picture this: here I am attempting to shake the syringe between squirts to make sure he actually was getting what he needed, amidst trying to hold down my screaming baby that was spitting out everything going in.  This was not fun.  In addition to beginning the medicine, I decided to swaddle him up that night and let him sleep upright in his bouncer.  At this point, I was willing to try anything to give him some relief.  Being upright helped a little bit, he did rest peacefully that night (probably from exhaustion) but by the next afternoon there had really been no change in his symptoms.  He was still fussing, still spitting up, and still making a boat load of noises (yes, even upright).  

I decided to give it a couple more days, but after three days of medication and no change I couldn’t take it anymore.  Yes, it was only reflux, but I shouldn’t of had to see my four week old in so much discomfort!  Well, the doctor went ahead and stopped the original medication (thank God!) and he decided to try him on Prilosec.  It wasn’t going to stop the spit up, but it would decrease the acidity from his stomach so that it wouldn’t burn his esophagus as much when he did spit up.  Absolutely, let's try it.  A happy puker is okay with me!  In addition to the new medication, my doctor recommended maternal diet changes.  So, not only was I incredibly  horomonal, worried about my newborn, and exhausted, I also had to completely rid my diet of dairy (my favorite) and high acidity foods (mainly citrus and tomato based anything).  While unfortunate, whatever it would take to make him feel better, I was all for it.  It took about a week, but finally relief began to set in for Abram with new medication and my dietary modifications.

 At his two month appointment, he was doing awesome!  He was very efficient at nursing, sleeping great, and the noises related to the reflux had stopped.  His head and neck were super strong from lots of tummy time and he was a very happy, smiling boy!  The doctor decided that maybe we try going off of his medicine because he seemed to be doing so much better.  I was actually okay with that.  He did seem better and not to mention, he hated every drop of it!  

Cut to month three.  Fussiness while nursing, fussiness with tummy time, arching, and stiffening.  Does this sound familiar?  I’m all about giving it time, but I had given it four weeks since he had been taken off the medicine and his symptoms got progressively worse.  I wasn’t at all concerned about how he was doing otherwise; he was getting restful sleep and still gaining weight, but I was concerned because he was in significant discomfort when he was eating and afterwards.  Poor little guy!  Well, feeling like a crazy mom, I called the doctor requesting that he be put back on his medicine.  They had me bring him in just to make sure everything else was okay, but they gladly put him back on the Prilosec so that he could be comfortable!  

So, here we are two weeks in after restarting his medicine and he is doing well. He is nursing great, smiling all the time, thriving in tummy time, and sleeping so well! However, don't be fooled: he still arches quite frequently, spits up all the time, and on rare occasions is so fussy I want to pull my hair out. BUT, 95% of the time, he feels good and that is all I care about! 

So, all you new and seasoned parents, you are the advocate for your little one! Like I always tell my patients’ parents, you know your kid better than anyone else, so keep on fighting for them!  Chances are, if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.  Go with your instincts! Make as many calls to the doctor as you need to until you feel comfortable with the solution.  If you don’t feel comfortable, get a second opinion!  Once you've done everything you can do, take a deep breath and know you are doing your best!  Tomorrow is a new day and really, truly everything will be just fine...even if you have puke all over you! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

outing adventures

I remember this one time before I had kids, I was waiting in line to checkout and a young mom with three screaming, annoying kids were standing in front of me. I can remember thinking, “Gosh lady, get control of your kids!! And DON'T you dare come back to the store with your crazy children!"

Well, fast forward five years and now I am that crazy lady in line at the grocery store with my own three crazy kids.

I get the pitiful looks from the customers (even some eye rolling) when I'm out with my crew. I’ve come to learn that when you're out and about you can't predict when your kids will have a meltdown or seem like they are on crazy pills. 

Just the other day, my mom and I decided to run to the mall since we just had my youngest, Raina. We thought we had it made! We walked into Nordstroms with our snooty heads held high and stopped at the fancy shoe section to browse. I handed Raina a snack bowl of Cheerios to occupy her time. 
Five minutes later, Raina begins squealing and laughing at the top of her lungs. I glance over to see her chucking handfuls of Cheerios left and right. It was as if it snowed Cheerios smack dab in the middle of the Tory Burch section. I was mortified to say the least! I instantly dropped to my hands and knees and started grabbing every possible crumb I could see. I can only imagine what type of blacklist they must have me on at Nordstrom’s now! 

I’ve been THAT mom with the child that’s literally kicking and screaming. I dropped Lilly off at Sunday school once like that. I thought for sure they wouldn’t let us come back. 

I’ve left my grocery cart filled with food because one of my kids just couldn't get it together. I know the drill now when I visit Publix- we stop at the bakery first to get a free cookie. That usually buys me about 15 minutes of quiet shopping time. Ohh, the things you’ll do as a parent for peace an quiet!
Just today I ran to the bank with both my girls. The teller at the front asked if the girls could have a lollipop (I of course said yes, because according to my calculations that would buy me 10 minutes of quietness). After the teller finished up she asked if I could stop at the front desk to get my info updated. She assured me that it would only take two minutes- I should’ve known better! Ten minutes into my conversation with the gentlemen the sugar from the lollipops kicked in! Raina starts singing "Let It Go" really loud and Lilly starts doing cartwheels in the middle of this quiet building. I desperately try to reign in my girls as I fake listen to the banker. As we finally wrap things up, the man proceeds to ask me if I have two MORE minutes so he can sign me up for a credit card...Really Sir?! Don’t you see my crazy kids?! 

Thinking back, I wish I wouldn’t have been so naive when I didn’t have kids. So now, when I see a parent out with screaming or crazy little ones, I try to give them that look. The look that says, “I'm so sorry, I feel your pain- and there’s free cookies at the bakery!” 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Waiting Game

Meet Ysabel. As most women do, she began her journey into motherhood with the expectation that it would all happen naturally. However, after three years of repeated failed attempts, Ysabel decided to enter into a world filled with specialists, treatments, and a long list of symptoms. But the question she was left with month after month was, "will this work?!" Enjoy reading her story in her own words below.

. . .

Scenarios in life teach you to accept that some things come easier for some more than others. And for a goal oriented and career driven person like myself, I took for granted that I could accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. On the list of those things I could not accomplish alone… conceiving a child. And each month a constant reminder came, “I guess I’m NOT…due!”

Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons to make you stronger. But knowing that did not make it easier to accept, especially as a woman when you know you were put on earth to procreate. However, I could not lose sight that God puts you in certain situations to test your faith, your marriage and your independence.

So after three years of “trying” my husband and I began to contemplate whether to see a specialist, but we both felt we could conquer this without any help. So we focused more and more. Yet ovulation kit after ovulation kit and month after month we were still in the same spot... “I Guess I’m NOT due!”

The one thing that made it easier for me throughout this process was the love and adoration for my five sweet precious angels. 

I think about being an aunt, and sometimes I wonder – “if I love these kids so much, how could I possibly love my own child more?!” Watching them grow and being there for as many of their special moments as I can, has subsided beyond belief the longing for a bond with my own child. 

Then New Year’s Eve 2012 came. I remember like it was yesterday, Marshall and I had reservations at Capital Grill to countdown to 2013. We had gotten on the early train home with just enough time to make it to happy hour at a local spot… and the time just flew by talking and enjoying each other’s company. So much that we never made it to our reservation that night. The celebration of the night quickly deviated just at midnight to tears and an asthma attack, with my relentlessly sobs, “I just want a baby!”

Although I still like to deny that “breakdown” happened, I believe that was the moment my husband realized the last three years had been a little more difficult than I had led onto. And on his own he was finally convinced to move forward with a fertility specialist. What we didn’t realize was that living in the city with one car and having a full time job 40 minutes away would require “creative” solutions for transportation … because when it comes to fertility treatments – timing is everything! 

At our first appointment with our specialist my husband broke the ice fairly quickly given his inability to remain serious, so as soon as the options and details were shared his first response was no surprise to me. The only comment after the long debrief was simply, “This is great Doc, but I really don’t want to be ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ without the TV deal… so I just want to lay that out there now.”
When it comes to fertility treatments the expenses increase as does the likelihood of multiples. So hearing the plan the doctor put before us - of more tests, medications, shots, regular observation and the use of science and technology to attempt to make a baby - we were both overwhelmed, and yet so excited that we now had other options to consider. And that comment was his way of expressing his “excitement”. To say the least, the doctor is a very serious and subdued man and clearly didn’t understand my husband’s humor (most of the time I don’t either). His response was short and simple, “I will not let that happen.” Hmmm.…. I still don’t really know what that meant (what if there are really more than two?!)… but I will still never ask him to elaborate on how he could be so confident. 

I vividly recall one afternoon at work sitting in the boardroom presenting to a room full of people when the hot flashes came on in full force and redness that quickly travelled from my chest to my cheeks. That was followed by an unrelenting feeling that I was going to throw up all over the table. Needless to say, I made a very ungraceful exit from the room and played it off with some pathetic excuse later that I am sure sounded like a bunch of lies. Now the fun began…. right along with all the symptoms of the fertility medicines.

Nausea, Upset Stomach, Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Headaches, Hot Flashes and Dizziness – Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check. If only it were the symptoms I was experiencing because of pregnancy...

I recognize I am not the only woman who has gone through this difficult journey, so for that reason I refuse to get any sympathy or pity out of it. It is simply the cards we were dealt and the deck we are expected to play with. Is it an emotional roller coaster? Absolutely, especially worse hopped up on massive amounts of hormones! And I could say I never had any breakdowns, but that would be a lie. Although I tried hard to hold it in and not let my emotions get the best of me, sometimes the frustration can just be too much.

After a few unsuccessful rounds, we prayed hard and tried to make sense of what was happening and what to do next. There was no need to even take a pregnancy test, because the disappointment came like clock-work each month. It was ultimately frustrating. I made sure to surround myself by children on my down time, but I could not help wonder… why couldn’t I have my own?!

And I know, we are by no means pioneers down this path of disappointment… but regardless of how long you have tried, it just really sucks! There’s really no other way to describe it. The month’s waned on and it had gotten to be too much to handle emotionally. The immense anticipation followed by sheer disappointment. We had reached a point where we thought our journey may lead us down a different path, and began to research adoption agencies.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2013… I had been to the clinic almost every other day as we had gotten more aggressive with the plan. And I remember talking to one of my good friends that night and explaining that I was still planning to go out and have some drinks, because I didn’t think it would make a difference or would work anyway. She reminded me to not lose hope and to still take it as seriously.

The waiting game continued. Then one day… Nausea, Upset Stomach, Bloating, Heart Burn, Exhaustion and Headaches. Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check. Not too much has changed since the fertility medications that were part of my regimen. But one little stick and an office visit two days later and… I Guess I’m Due

Looking back, the feeling that we were finally pregnant was unimaginable, so much so that it still felt unreal. The emotion was such that it was difficult to decide what an appropriate response was – to cry, laugh or scream. It took a couple more tests (five to be exact) and hours to sink in, and to be honest it still does not feel real.

The road has been a little bit bumpier than we expected it to be. But we are finally past the first trimester and so excited we can finally share our joy with those near and dear to us. Now it feels a little more real every day, and we know whatever happens, just like the last four years, God has a plan for us and we trust Him no matter what. For us, we finally have a gift we’ve been praying for some time now.

photography: Matias Barbero Photography

Friday, May 2, 2014

Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

If you have ever created a baby registry in this millennium, you'll agree that it's beyond overwhelming! The stores carry bottles, sippy cups, varieties of pacifiers, aisles and aisles of clothes, toys, and accessories, and you are left wondering, "What do I really need?!" 

To help, I Guess Im Due has compiled a checklist of some "Must Have" items on your registry. And more importantly we'll be telling you the things to leave off your list!

And now for the things to leave off of your registry - either because they aren't necessary or people will buy them for you regardless if they are on your list or not!

We'd love to hear from you...

Let us know what were your favorite things you registered for?  What was something you wish you would've left off your list?