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Friday, November 21, 2014

Productivity Redefined

I like to consider myself a productive person.  I have gone in and out of times in my life in which TV would reel me in (when I discovered "Lost" my life was consumed!).  However, most of the time I can accomplish a long list of to-do's when time allows.  My wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to purchase a home a couple years ago.  Going from an apartment to a home is a HUGE difference! --> mow the lawn, weed, mulch the garden beds, clean the extra space, fix the leaks (AKA call the plumber), shovel the driveway, and much more!!

Through the years it has been so easy to measure the amount of productivity one has accomplished.  Think about it: in school you would recieve a grade and turn in completed assignments; with work and at home you have a "to-do" list you can easily cross off; working out you can measure by weight, time, and muscle tone.  However, our little Abram came along and there were no lists to check off (well, there were, but they weren't getting checked off!) or assignments to turn in.  It was simply adapting to the needs and wants of a growing, living little human being.  We thrive on accomplishments and goals met, but we have to adjust now as new parents to seeing smiles, healthy sleeping, healthy babies, and strong family dynamic as true signs of productivity.  The house may be messy, the clothes may be dirty, the lawn may not be cut, but if the family is healthy, happy, and comfortable someone is being productive!

I write this as not only encouragement to my wife and to myself when I forget, but to the countless other mothers and fathers out there who struggle with this new productive lifestyle.  Remind yourself that the end goal is to have a happy healthy young baby and a happy and healthy family
.  If these couple items are crossed off each day, you can rest easy...that day was productive!

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