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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

No Soup For You!

It was a typical Wednesday. The girls and I were eating dinner at Panera while Jakson finished his two hour gymnastics practice. Since there were no booths open we sat at a table and started digging into our soups and salads. 

Raina was being her normal crazy self, jumping around, talking loudly, and basically just being a busy body. She of course refused to sit in a booster chair, so instead of making a scene I sat her in a big chair. As Raina begin to make a mess of her soup, I stood up to grab a wipe from my diaper bag. As I was digging in my bag, Raina begin to fall between the two chairs. I felt like I was seeing the whole thing is super slow motion. As she started to make the fall she tried to hold onto the tables edge. However, instead of grabbing the table she gripped the plate that held my broccoli cheese soup. In a matter of seconds Raina was screaming on the floor. As I helped her up I grabbed a napkin to help clean her off. That's when I realized that soup was dripping off her hair, back, arms, and legs, this napkin wouldn't even make a dent. 

With the feeling that a million eyes were staring at me, I grabbed Raina and Lilly and headed straight for the bathroom. First thing I checked was for any burns from the soup- none, hallelujah! Next, we started the clean up process. I didn't know where to start, the soup was everywhere! I decided to strip Raina down to her bare bum and placed her in the sink. I washed out chunks of broccoli and carrots from her hair and skin. Great, now she's clean, but now I have a naked baby! We couldn't just leave Panera (although that's exactly what I wanted to do at this point) because Lilliana was already asking if she could go finish her dinner. I needed to find her something to wear. I checked my diaper bag to see what options I had to work with. As we walked out of the bathroom, Raina wore a diaper, a bib, and Lilly's gymnastic shorts, it was quite a sight. 

As we walked back to the table all eyes were on us. I wanted to crawl under the table. I was frustrated for not putting Raina in a high chair, annoyed with myself for getting up,  and smelly from all the soup! I just wanted to go home. As I sat there waiting for Lilly to finish, I begin to wonder- why is it that when catastrophes happen with my kids I always have to deal with them by myself?! 

Luckily, after we all recovered from this I Guess Im Due moment, Raina was not traumatized, and she still loves broccoli cheddar soup. It did however, take a week of multiple showers to completely get all the grease and smell from the soup out of her hair. And lesson learned, from now on high chairs or booster chairs are non negotiable when we eat out, or there's no soup for you!

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