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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

100th Day

I don't recall celebrating this commemorative day when I was in elementary school, but apparently, the 100th Day of School is a big thing now. 

For this celebration, each child was asked to create a display of 100 items. After much back and forth, Jakson finally decided that he wanted to display 100 sharks teeth. Great idea. The only problem was the project was due in three days and we only owned 1 shark tooth. Thank goodness for eBay! You can buy anything on that site. We found a local vendor and picked up 150 sharks teeth that day. After our little Picasso painted his shark, we hot glued the teeth on, one by one. {Raina only managed to pick off three teeth before we realized what she was doing, not too bad.} Then finally, we had one amazing looking shark!

The fun didn't stop there. We were the chosen ones to bring in the 100th Day snack for the party. Talk about pressure! Jason and I Googled and got on Pinterest to try and find something creative. To our surprise we found nothing. This snack was literally keeping me up all night. Finally, while laying in bed, Jason and I came up with an idea. We call it the 100th Day Kabobs
Some Rice Krispies, a simple cookie cutter action, sprinkles, and small skewers was all we needed. We wrapped them up individually and wa-lah!

I never thought a Kindergarten project and snack would ever be so stressful. I'm beginning to worry that when high school hits, we're in for a real doozie!

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