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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'll Have Seconds...

Here is our next Question & Answer session between your editor Ester and I because thankfully I have made it to the second trimester!

Enjoy another one of our candid conversations between a mom-of-three and a struggling mom-to-be!

R: Okay, so you were totally right. When my second trimester started at 14 weeks, my nauseousness and fatigue started wearing off. By the time I returned back from Ohio and week 15 started, I felt like a completely different person, more like myself again. Are you psychic?

E: Yes. (okay, okay, maybe not, but I convince my kids I am all the time.)

R: Now that my palette has returned back to normal and I'm not eating like a fourth grader, I'm loving getting back into my routine of green smoothies and salads. Any other foods I should try out this semester now that I can stomach them again? 

E: Shrimp, lots of shrimp! They say it's brain food for the baby!  

R: Uh, should I have been taking child classes already? When do I start that kind of thing? 

E: Now is a great time to start. I'd check your delivering hospital and with your Doula for classes that they offer. I'd recommend an infant First Aid/CPR class, breastfeeding class, and a 'taking care of baby class' to start off.  

R: Oh yeah! And those things called nurseries and baby registries, when in the hell should that fun begin? 

E: I wouldn't wait to much longer. Registeries can be overwhelming so I'd suggest by making notes of specific things your mommy friends love. Then, plan to start your registery once you have a list started of some must haves.   

R: I know you recommended the book Baby Wise. Are there any other books or DVD's I should check out? 

E: 'Happiest Baby on the Block' DVD is great resource too. 

R: Now lastly, be straight up with me. I know this euphoria has to end at some point. What can I expect from the third trimester?

E: The third trimester is the 'Oompa Loompa Season.' Sleep will become even more uncomfortable, walking will become a waddle, bathroom breaks will increase ten fold, sitting for more than ten minutes will not be an option, and foot and back rubs will be mandatory.

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