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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beyond the Diaper Bag

You've lugged around your diaper bag for what seems like eternity. And luckily, because of I Guess I'm Due's awesome tips, your diaper bag always had just the perfect items! The day has finally have finally graduated from the diaper bag stage (cue happy dance!!) You know you'll throw your phone and wallet in your purse. But the question is, what will you REALLY need to carry in your Mommy Purse?! Enjoy I Guess I'm Due's tips that will help you make sure your purse is stocked for all those mommy moments... 

1. Children's Tylenol- You never know when little ones will spike a fever. The Meltaway Tylenols are my fave because there's no measuring involved!! 

2. Tide To Go- Spills happen which means stains happen...need I say more?!

3. Ibuprofen

4. Band-Aids- Boo boo's are inevitable!

5. Portable phone charger- for those times when the kids run your phone battery down to nothing!

6. Card game- Any card game comes in handy for those moments the kids need to play together quietly. Any deck will do, but my fave is Spot it Jr. !

7. Wipes- For runny noses, spills, and sticky messes

8. Deodorant- For the mornings I leave the house in a rush and forget!!

9. Neo to Go- perfect for on the go cuts. 

10. Anti-bac

11. Notepad- for your little artist or budding author.

12. Snack- probably meant for the kids, but I've been known to sneak a snack every now and then too!

13. Pens- carry a plethora. They'll sure to be lost or broken. 

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