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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Kurecki Vacation

Traveling with kids is always an adventure. This summer we wanted to getaway, but stay close enough where we didn't have to fly or be stuck in the car for hours. So we decided to travel two hours north-west to Homosassa Springs, Florida to go scalloping.

Going on vacation with my three kids, with my sister-in-law and her three kids, and even meeting up with my sister and her two boys, meant that I basically went expecting countless I Guess Im Due moments. However to my surprise, those moments were few and far between!
Being stuck on a boat in the middle of the gulf with little ones is always interesting. On our first day out, Lilly did not find it very convinient when she had to go potty. Despite everyone trying to convince her that peeing in the ocean was completely okay and that everyone does it, she refused. Instead, she held it for two hours until we arrived back home. Typical Lilly. 
However, Raina had quite the opposite experience with going potty while on the boat. We had to change at least four stinky diapers during our scalloping excursions. She had no problem letting it rip out in the ocean. Changing a wet, soggy, slimy, ocean filled diaper was quite interesting...
Jakson loved every minute of our trip. He was right there keeping up with his big cousins, snorkeling and looking for scallops! The only hiccup he had was feeling a bit sea sick one afternoon when the gulf was slightly choppy- nothing that a "magic" SeaBand couldn't fix.
It was a lot of work packing, unpacking, cleaning, and organizing for this trip. But, the reward was well worth it! Leaving Homosassa with bags of fresh scallops and hearing the kids chat about how much fun they had, only means that we’ll be back again. Until next year Homosassa!

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