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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a traveling (little) man

July has proved to be a very busy month for our little family!  As always, summer never seems to be in full gear until the fourth of July.  Fourth of July weekend has always been one of my most favorite weekends of the year.  My family is always together and I absolutely love the fireworks!  Well, this year Abram and I kicked off the weekend with his very first trip to Cedar Point (America's Rockin' Rollercoast)!  While Abram obviously can’t do much except observe from his stroller, he sure seemed to have a great time.  Unfortunately, Rick had to work, but Abram got to spend the day with his momma, Papa (my dad), his aunts and uncle.  We rode rides all day while Abram strolled the park with his Papa.  We all stayed until close and Abram was so good!  He wasn’t really fussy at all and at 10:30pm (3.5 hours past bedtime) he was still wide awake, smiling, and easy going!

On the actual fourth, Abram got to be apart of our annual family grill out.  Poor little guy  had to go to bed before the fireworks commenced, but I have a strong feeling he will love the fourth just as much as I do in years to come (well, he better...).

Abram also made his debut trip to the great state of Wisconsin this month!  We spent a week at a cabin on Lake Blass with Rick’s family.  It was incredible weather and we had a great time!  Abram rode along in his stroller each morning while Rick and I ran and he would talk and sing the whole way.  He enjoyed the brisk air, playing with his cousins, but most of all he loved all of the new sights and sounds of being in the middle of nowhere!  As for me, I learned how to use a sewing machine (I made throw pillows for my couch), played games, watched an entire season of Breaking Bad, and ate A LOT of s’mores!  Now, THAT is a great vacation!

I had originally thought that it would be a nightmare traveling so much with an infant, but Abram did awesome!  He slept well in his car seat and when he was awake, he entertained himself (I may or may not have loaded his lap with toys). I will say, traveling with little ones requires a lot of planning ahead and preparation.  It is crazy the amount of stuff that they require for a weekend getaway, let alone an entire week!  Oh, and you can't forget about all of the “just in case” stuff for those inevitable I Guess I'm Due moments! 

We’ve had a wonderful time these last couple of weeks.  There is nothing better than precious time spent with the ones you love!   Rick and I have always loved to travel, but after how much fun we have had traveling recently, we are even more excited for our future trips with our newest (and cutest) little travel buddy!  

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