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Monday, January 12, 2015

Seeing Double

 Meet Abby. Being a first time mommy for this chick was as easy as pie. Since the first go around was so smooth for her, having a second was a no brainer. However, Abby's plans for having another only baby left her seeing double. Enjoy today's I Guess Im Due moment in her own words below.
. . .

Sometimes, your first baby is easy. Sometimes she's not. We got very lucky the first time around...good sleeper, good eater, not too fussy. I started to think myself, "I was MADE to be a mom, this is so much easier than others make it look"!

Wow, was I wrong. We were just. simply. lucky. Since our first daughter was so easy, we decided we could do it all over again rather quickly. When Eleanor was 8 months old, we discussed trying again. The first time around took us awhile and we wanted our kids close in age.

On Eleanor's first birthday we found out we were pregnant. She would just be a couple months shy of 2 when the baby was born...perfection!

The second pregnancy wasn't as easy as the first. My belly got really big, really fast this time around. I also experienced much worse morning sickness (let's be real: that shit lasts all day). However, I was assured by friends, family and doctors that this was all normal with a second pregnancy. "Maybe it's a boy this time around?!?"

After a Christmas Eve trip to the ER for IV fluids & really bad winter storms postponing our ultrasounds, we finally found out at 21 weeks the reason behind my terrible pregnancy symptoms...we were having twins! TWINS! At 21 weeks! How can that be? Somehow, two babies under 2 seemed doable, but 3 babies?!? We knew we were in trouble! And we have been ever since...

The twins, Ingrid and Odette were born in early June. Eleanor was 20 months old...such a good kid, but still a baby herself. And as karma, baby gods, or whatever forces determine infant temperament, would have it, we got our challenge! Granted they are twins, with a two-year-old sister, but they are not easy babies.

I stay home with the girls now and we all do our best every single day. Recently, they took turns hating sleep, even our perfect sleeper of two years joined in on the fun. We've worked through gas issues, reflux, teething, and more sickness circling around than I ever could have thought possible in 6 short months. But we are surviving.
We love each other, we have fun together, and we cry together. I'm no longer the mom who feels confident in every decision or even in my ability to leave the house some days. But, thanks to my hardworking husband and my supportive family, we are surviving.

Staying at home has been a journey that's been filled with I Guess Im Due moments. I never thought it could be as difficult, or as rewarding, as it is. My truest struggle in staying home turns out be just feeling like a human. From the moment they wake up, I am changing, feeding, bathing, soothing, and playing and, well you get it. And it seems that there is only one night a week that all of the girls will go to bed and stay asleep.
With all this chaos, I end up forgetting to take care of myself. My New Years resolution is for 2015 to be MY year. I won't skimp on baby lovin, but I WILL take time to exercise, prepare meals, get my hair cut (!) and do my nails. I can't help but think 2015 has some awesome adventures in store for my little family. My husband and I are excited to watch our babes grow and learn, while we feel the pressures that comes with raising healthy, polite, and kind little ladies.

It is definitely not easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

. . .

In addition to being a full time mommy, Abby is also a Jamberry consultant. To make sure you start your year off right, Abby will be doing an I Guess Im Due giveaway! Be sure to check back here on Friday for all the details!

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