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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

what to pack when flying with toddlers

Traveling on a plane with toddlers is, let's face it, stressful! The thought of being trapped in a flying object with a small child gives me shivers. There's nothing blissful about worrying if you're going to be the parent with that kid on the plane. So to help alleviate some I Guess Im Due moments during your flight, be sure to pack your carry-on with these nine must-haves items...

1. Books:
Board books, coloring books, reading books, notebooks, and my favorite- activity books. 

2. Wipes:
A must have, good for spills, runny noses, and sticky messes!

3. First Aid Kit:
Ready for little boo-boos. Band Aids, first aid ointment, and hand sanitizer. 

4. Coloring tools:
Crayons, markers, pencils and a personal favorite- Color Wonder markers (for your messy artists).

5. Med Kit:
Just the basics, Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

6. Electronics:
iPad, iPod, Kindle, you get the idea. And don't forget the headphones!

7. Snacks: 
These days airlines are going skimpy on the snacks. I like to come with some favorites- Cliff Bars, Cuties, Veggies Straws, Gummy Bears, and squeezable apple sauce. Be sure to remember a sippy cup too!

8. PlayDoh:
I usually pack 3-4 small Playdoh jars. They are mess free, take little space, and super fun for the kids (and me). 

9. Change of clothes:
Accidents happen! I typically fill a gallon ziploc bag with a pair of pants, shirt, and underwear. If you have space, pack a shirt for yourself. Spills and spit up happen. :)

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