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Friday, May 29, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten...

It's hard to believe that my son's first school year has come to end. I feel like I am still adjusting to the "kindergarten world" and now, its over! I just can't seem to keep up...

This year has brought its I Guess Im Due moments for sure. Like, learning to juggle school work, sports, and family time.  Adjusting to early mornings and learning how to get three little ones (and myself) ready for the day with a morning time crunch has been challenging. I had to learn how to set aside all my fears and apprehensions while my son was at school and trust that he was in good hands (and yes, lots praying helped). 

With the challenges, also came Kindergarten triumphs. Jakson has mastered new skills, he's reading like a champ, and has become more independent (two months in he insisted on being a bus rider)! He's motivated to go to the next level, and if you ask him, when he grows he wants to be a biologist!

It's been a great school year, and who knows, maybe next year letting go will be a little bit easier...probably not.

Goodbye Kindergarten and hello summer! We're off to the next chapter...

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