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Friday, May 1, 2015

The black thumb

As the air began to warm up, thoughts of a beautiful vegetable garden began to dance in my head. I could envision it digging in the dirt, seed galore, watering pails, and enjoying fresh homegrown veggies! Sounds like a great idea, right?! You see, the problem is, I've been known to have what is call a black thumb. Any sort of living plant under my care will thrive for the first few weeks and then suddenly just kick the bucket one day. I can't figure out why...

But I wasn't going to let my black thumb curse stop me from my dreams. So we rolled up our sleeves and begun our gardening project together. Two Tahoe loads of dirt, 11 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and several herbs and wild flowers later, our garden was complete. 
And I'm proud to report that two months later (and with lots of prayer and some extra TLC) our garden is doing amazing. The kids have had such an awesome learning experience creating and tending to their very own garden. We've seen plants morph from just a seed, to a sprout, all the way to a vegetable. 
We've tasted the benefits of eating fresh, and even seen the positive results of letting over three dozen worms loose in our garden bed.
The fun isn't over yet. With summer just approaching our garden will soon produce even more yummy food to eat. I'm glad I didn't let my black thumb intimidate me. I'd say now, my thumb is more tan-ish, only time will tell if it will turn green. 

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