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Monday, May 2, 2016

Gender Guessing Game

Many people have asked why we aren't finding out the sex of the baby. My answer - Why not? I guess I just grew up with my mom telling me it was more fun that way, so I just always assumed that is what I would do. It's actually probably for the best, because I haven't been able to buy any clothes. I can't just randomly spend on cute items I see. Our kid currently owns five white onesies. Please do not judge its fashion sense in the early weeks of its life. It will be living in all it has - diapers, swaddles, and white onesies!

Kyle is convinced it's a girl, and I really am 50/50. I could care less as long as its healthy. I believe that whatever comes out is what we are supposed to have! It is kind of fun to guess though. A little boy at Benihana told me I was having a girl, and an old man at Home Depot approached me while looking at appliances and told me I was having a boy. (I never need appliances, but one of my favorite past times is looking at the latest and greatest fridges whenever I go there. It's sad what gives me kicks these days.) 

I love a good psychic, superstition, and old wives tales, so here is what they are saying about the kiddo:

Chinese Gender Predictor: 
I typed in my age at conception (30) and month of conception (October). 
Verdict: Girl

Psychic Readings:
At two different readings, both psychics said I would have a boy first. One also told me that Joan Rivers was in great health and the show would go on for years. She passed 2 months later, so uh yeah...
Verdict: Boy

Ring on a String: 
Kyle hung my wedding ring over my belly. If it swung in a straight line it was a boy, a circular motion it was a girl. It was a circle. 
Verdict: Girl

Above 140 beats per min, it's a girl. Below, it's a boy. At our 30 week ultrasound it was 141.
Verdict: Girl

If you are craving salty, spicy things it's a boy. If you crave sweets its a girl. The entire first trimester I couldn't even stomach fruit it was too sweet. The baby may come out Mexican, I ate it so much of it at the beginning. 
Verdict: Boy

Some say that if you are sick and nauseous during the First Trimester, it could be due to the extra hormones produced by a girl. People - I was sick as a dog. No brainer on this one. 
Verdict: Girl 

Well, the signs look to be pointing to girl as well. One thing is for certain, if she gets my gusto and Kyle's ghetto booty, Dad is going to be in for one long road ahead!

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