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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials For Under $250

So here it is - everything I bought for my pregnancy wardrobe, and yes you are reading that right, it was under $250! Whatever you do mamas, please don't go out and spend an arm and a leg on a whole new wardrobe the minute you find out you are pregnant!

All you need are these basics and the rest you have in your closet already. I promise! Loose blouses and your old 'fat clothes' work for those awkward FUPA moments in your second trimester, and your 'skinny clothes' paired with a blazer/oversized sweater and maxi dresses are perfect for the third trimester. Even for events like weddings, I wore my old dresses that had empire waists and didn't scream "Matronly!"  (Plus, I looked at it as the less maternity clothes I bought, the less tempted I would be to stay in them after the baby!)

Also, I did all of this shopping online (which I highly recommend) because jeans shopping is bad enough, but jeans shopping while feeling like a bloated weeble wobble hopped up on hormones is a recipe for disaster. Here are all the brands I opted for!

1. BeBands. ($18.99) These will be your first go-to item. I bought two Ingrid & Isabel BeBands from Target in nude and white. They allow you to still wear your normal jeans/pants but you can unbutton and unzip them. I started wearing these around week 12/13 at the beginning of the second trimester at Christmas. Sugar cookies may also have been a culprit. These allowed me to save money and stay in my normal clothes until the third trimester. 

2. Nursing Bras. ($24.99 - $29.99) As I entered the second trimester, my sports bras became way too tight to wear, but instead of going out and buying bigger bras, I opted just to get nursing bras because I knew I needed them in the future. I bought a size Large. While a bit big right now, I heard these bad boys will get out of control when the milk comes in, so be sure to go a size up from your regular size. I bought grey and white Le Leche Nursing Sports Bras from Target, three gray, nude, and white Seamless Nursing Bras & one nude Underwire Nursing Bras from Destination Maternity. (Be sure to buy your bras when they have their 'Buy 3, Get 1 Free Sale'!)

3. Yoga Pants. ($29.00 - $34.99) I really thought I could make my old ones stretch through the entire pregnancy, but when I finally popped starting in the third trimester at 7 months, the band was cutting me right at the belly button and was super uncomfortable. I bought two black pairs of Ingrid & Isabel Yoga Capris from Target and one pair of gray Yoga Capris from Old Navy. Best investment ever - I live in them almost every day!

4. Basic Tees. ($14.99 - $22.99) I figured you couldn't go wrong with some solid crew & v-necks. I bought gray, white, and red Crew Necks from Gap, and navy and light blue V-Necks from Old Navy. Also, be sure to wait to purchase these until the stores have their annual 40% off sales - they will be even cheaper!

5. Jeans. ($69.50) Alright, so this is where things could go awry. Luckily I ordered both of these pairs from A Pea In The Pod online and both magically fit! I had thought about investing in $150-200 in some designer JBrands or Citizens of Humanity jeans, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, especially not for something I would only wear 9 months. I had tried one pair on at Old Navy, but they felt 'too maternity-like' and I had read reviews that Gap's became too baggy, so I decided to try these LED jeans. They were in the middle of the road price-wise and fit and look just like my normal jeans. I bought a pair of the LED Skinny Ankle Jeans and the LED Deconstructed Boyfriend Jeans. They run true to size, so order what you wore before you got pregnant. I really like these and highly recommend you give them a try!

6. Tanks. ($16.95 - $26.00) Lastly, I bought a white and gray tank to wear under sweaters and blazers from Gap, and two more workout tanks from JC Penney. The workout tanks aren't maternity, but are long enough to cover the bump. I had a gray one pre-pregnancy and really liked the fit of it even as I grew bigger. Plus, there is a sale right now where you buy one and get the other one for a penny!


If you have any questions about these products or need any more advice, feel free to comment or shoot me a message. And I hope this gives you a beacon of hope when nothing in your closet seems to fit right anymore. Just buy these basics and you'll be all set!

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