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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's in your diaper bag?

I like to think that I'm good at being prepared for things.  No matter what the event or circumstance,  I get my ducks in a row, make my to do lists, and always have everything ready to go.  Well, I guess that is...until I had a baby.  Like all moms, I had everything ready for when baby arrived--all of my baby stuff that I was told I should get, but then Abram was born and it is like my sense of preparedness came out with him!  

The first time we went out with Abram and brought his diaper bag, I remember sitting on the nursery floor holding it and I looked at Rick and said, "what am I even supposed to put in this thing?"  Clever like he is, my little Rick shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know? Diapers?" Ha. Ha. Thanks, you clown!  At least both of us were clueless!

Well, after much thought and literally looking thru Abram's closet, drawers, and bathroom shelf, I packed up our diaper bag that first time with what I thought should be in it (why doesn't anyone tell you this stuff?) and I have put the same stuff in every time after.  Here are my suggestions for diaper bag fillings, in no particular order (remember that little A is only 4 months old, so obviously depending on the age of your baby, this is subject to change!  I Guess I'm Due will not be held liable for items added unnecessarily or forgotten!)

1. Hand Sanitizer. First and foremost, wash your hands!  

2. Diapers.  Obvious, I know, but seriously, grab a handful of diapers and load em up!  Ever heard of mommy brain?  It's a real thing and it makes you very forgetful! 

3. Wipes.  I always have a huge pack of wipes because you never know if there will be a diaper mess or vomit.  You can never have too many wipes!

4. Desitin or Boudreaux Butt Paste.  Protect that skin (that's the nurse in me typing) even on the go!

5. Portable changing pad.  This is a must!  Do you know the amount of germs on those public changing tables?  We have a Skip Hop 'Pronto' Mini Changer and I use it all the time!  

6. First aid kit.  While Abram may not be out scraping knees, it is always good to have bandaids, gauze, bacitracin, alcohol wipes, etc. just in case.  It will most likely be you needing the first aid kit, and in that case, you'll be thanking yourself! Johnson & Johnson makes a mini one that is sold at pretty much any drug store for about $2!  Totally worth the 200 pennies.

7. Tissues.  Whatever the use, always handy!

8. Pacifier. Attempt to keep the public screaming to a minimum. 

9. Extra pacifier. Again, attempt to keep the public screaming to a minimum.

10. Spare outfit or two (depending on the length of your outing!) The one day this mama forgot to pack an extra outfit for Abram he had a massive blowout, messed up his clothes, and while unfortunate, luckily we were at Buy Buy Baby because I stripped him down and had to go buy him a new outfit!  

11. Burp cloths.  

12. Nursing cover.  Most of the time I plan outings so that he won't have to eat while we are out, but having a cover is always convenient to have!

13. Some kind of toy in case the need arises for distraction.

14. Formula/breastmilk and bottles if you are going to need to feed baby while out and about!

15. Blanket, just in case it gets chilly or if you are going somewhere that you can lay the little one down to play!

What's in your diaper bag?  What's been most useful to you?  Comment below and let me know things I should add now or things I might need in the future!  

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