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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Talking to Your Baby: Dad's Take

"I feel like I am in Spanish 101 all over again.  I can say the words, but I feel like I am not communicating."  This was my thought process for the first few weeks of my life with my son.  I would look him straight in the eyes (but apparently he can't see me at all at that stage<-- news to me!) and want to tell him how much I love him and assure him I will always take care of him.  However, I just sat there and said, "hi buddy", over and over again.  This seemed to be my go-to.  I am in sales and speak to people all day, but for some reason this skill set doesn't translate to baby talk.

I am growing now though!  I have observed my wife's interaction with Abram.  She is a pediatric nurse, so I think between her job (taking care of/speaking to babies/kids all day) and my job (taking care of/speaking to adults all day), she has the head start.  However, I think there is more to it than that.  I think mother's have more of a natural instantaneous relationship with their babies.  I mean, she carries him/her around for 9+ month so it makes sense, right?!  This immediate bond paves the way for more comfortable "baby speak."  

I felt so uncomfortable at first trying to talk to him, but I realize now after seeing where I am today that it simply needs time.  I thought Abram would come out and we would be scratchin, talking sports and crackin jokes.  

But, I suppose I need to give it time...what do they say?...gotta crawl before you walk...I suppose that makes sense here.  I'm crawling now, talking to Abram as if he is my own (After reading this, Whit said, "he is your own!?" -- my intention was that I felt like we were strangers. Only after learning how to communicate with him did I truly feel like we were really connected).  We have a relationship that will only continue to expand.  Soon enough we will be walking.

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