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Friday, May 9, 2014

outing adventures

I remember this one time before I had kids, I was waiting in line to checkout and a young mom with three screaming, annoying kids were standing in front of me. I can remember thinking, “Gosh lady, get control of your kids!! And DON'T you dare come back to the store with your crazy children!"

Well, fast forward five years and now I am that crazy lady in line at the grocery store with my own three crazy kids.

I get the pitiful looks from the customers (even some eye rolling) when I'm out with my crew. I’ve come to learn that when you're out and about you can't predict when your kids will have a meltdown or seem like they are on crazy pills. 

Just the other day, my mom and I decided to run to the mall since we just had my youngest, Raina. We thought we had it made! We walked into Nordstroms with our snooty heads held high and stopped at the fancy shoe section to browse. I handed Raina a snack bowl of Cheerios to occupy her time. 
Five minutes later, Raina begins squealing and laughing at the top of her lungs. I glance over to see her chucking handfuls of Cheerios left and right. It was as if it snowed Cheerios smack dab in the middle of the Tory Burch section. I was mortified to say the least! I instantly dropped to my hands and knees and started grabbing every possible crumb I could see. I can only imagine what type of blacklist they must have me on at Nordstrom’s now! 

I’ve been THAT mom with the child that’s literally kicking and screaming. I dropped Lilly off at Sunday school once like that. I thought for sure they wouldn’t let us come back. 

I’ve left my grocery cart filled with food because one of my kids just couldn't get it together. I know the drill now when I visit Publix- we stop at the bakery first to get a free cookie. That usually buys me about 15 minutes of quiet shopping time. Ohh, the things you’ll do as a parent for peace an quiet!
Just today I ran to the bank with both my girls. The teller at the front asked if the girls could have a lollipop (I of course said yes, because according to my calculations that would buy me 10 minutes of quietness). After the teller finished up she asked if I could stop at the front desk to get my info updated. She assured me that it would only take two minutes- I should’ve known better! Ten minutes into my conversation with the gentlemen the sugar from the lollipops kicked in! Raina starts singing "Let It Go" really loud and Lilly starts doing cartwheels in the middle of this quiet building. I desperately try to reign in my girls as I fake listen to the banker. As we finally wrap things up, the man proceeds to ask me if I have two MORE minutes so he can sign me up for a credit card...Really Sir?! Don’t you see my crazy kids?! 

Thinking back, I wish I wouldn’t have been so naive when I didn’t have kids. So now, when I see a parent out with screaming or crazy little ones, I try to give them that look. The look that says, “I'm so sorry, I feel your pain- and there’s free cookies at the bakery!” 

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