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Friday, September 19, 2014


About a week before Abram turned 7 months old, I noticed that he was drooling like it was going out of style, he was incredibly fussy, and he was just acting off--you know, not his happy little self. So here I am assessing him head to toe (I'm a nurse, it is all I know): color is good, no fever, no vomiting or diarrhea--what could this be?  When I finally got him to flash me a smile, I noticed two little white teeth in his bottom gums, one of them just beginning to pop thru!  I felt bad for the little guy--I mean, can you imagine how uncomfortable teething is?  Not to mention, within a week of the first tooth, his second bottom tooth popped thru, and now--just a month later, his top two teeth are popping thru!  OUCH!  So, today I present you with my top 3 signs/symptoms of teething and my top 3 favorite teething toys!
Top 3 signs/symptoms your baby might be teething:

1. Drooling incessantly--and I mean incessantly.  There is drool everywhere and on everything.  Shirts are soaked with drool and his mouth and chin are always wet!

2.  Chewing on everything.  Yes, it is true, babies put things in their mouths because that is how they explore their world, BUT, when they are chomping on everything (including their hands and your hands) the odds are they are getting ready to pop a pearly white!

3. Fussiness.  Holy moly, talk about cranky!  Abram is like Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde (that's what Rick likes to say).  One moment he is happy and laughing and then the next moment he is making a grumpy face and fussing over nothing (except that painful object ripping thru his gums)!  While I feel bad for him, the random outbursts of fussiness are frustrating.  So, if there is no other explanation (tired, hungry, or wet) for being fussy and your baby is between the ages of 3-12 on the look out for a little tooth!

As a side note, ear tugging can occur simultaneously with teething because the teeth and ears share nerve pathways.  So, while you may think they may have an ear infection, rule out teething first--chances are they are tugging on their ear because it relieves pressure on their popping-teeth gums.   

Top 3 teething toys at our house:

1. Kiki the elephant.  So while I think that Sophie the Giraffe is adorable, I couldn't swallow paying $25 for an action figure sized giraffe that is going to be drooled and spit on for months to come.  However, at Target--Infantino GaGa has created a teether toy similar to Sophie, but she is an elephant and her name is Kiki.  She is $12.99, super cute, and super easy for little hands to handle! 

2. Fresh Food Feeders by Munchkin.  These little things are so nifty.  It looks like an old school homemade popsicle, except that it has a mesh compartment that you can put ice or fruit into and the baby can suck on the mesh without getting any of the fruit or ice chunks into their mouth.  It is cold on their gums and depending what you put in it, a fun flavor surprise for their little mouths!

3. Good old fashioned teething rings.  The gel filled teething rings that you put into the refrigerator or freezer are quick, easy to clean, and come in all different shapes and sizes!  They also provide significant entertainment after they turn warm...totally worth the investment (which is only a few bucks)! 

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