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Friday, September 12, 2014

The longest 5 minutes of my life

Meet Adrienne.  Her pregnancy was pretty typical (as typical as a pregnancy can be!) up until her original due date.  Hear Adrienne's story, in her own words, as she shares her numerous I Guess I'm Due moments that she experienced all at once...
. . .

When my husband and I found out we were having a baby boy we were so excited. My pregnancy seemed pretty typical. Very sick in the beginning, felt okay in the middle, and tough at the end. But one thing that was apparent- everyone commented on how "small" I was. I am super tall (6'2"), and I really didn't show much until 2nd trimester. Even when I felt huge people always said how tiny my belly was. I measured right on track for growth with my OB/GYN and the baby even measured a little big. As my due date approached, I would ask the doctor how big they thought he was or was going to be. Everyone said "Ahhhhh, maybe 7-8 pounds, you're so tall and athletic you will have no problems pushing this baby out!" 

Fast forward to my due date--no baby boy. The doctors stripped my membranes probably 4 times and tried to speed up my labor. No such luck. I had a stubborn boy on my hands. I finally went into labor 1 week late after the gels were placed in my cervix in preparation to be induced. I was in labor for approximately 12 hours before it was time to push. When the doctor felt that I was ready, I pushed. And pushed. And pushed. I pushed for 4 hours (I'm not joking) and nothing happened. His head was right there but he was not making an appearance. I will spare the gory details, but when he finally came out they set him on my chest and I looked down and freaked out. He was not crying, or moving much. They quickly took him from me and got to work. Suddenly there was at least 10 people in the room. That was the LONGEST 5 minutes of my life. I was hysterical and kept asking Austin over and over if he was okay. They had to intubate him because he had such a hard delivery that he came out not breathing. His apgar score at birth was 1. After they intubated him and gave him some assisted breathing they were able to remove the tube and he finally cried! GLORIOUS sound! 

It was then that they FINALLY weighed him. Everyone was shocked when they said 10 pounds! My doctor told me that he was hidden in there and that no one thought he was that big. She also said, “NEXT TIME you are having a PLANNED C-SECTION!” 

Lane went to the NICU immediately after his birth. His NICU nurses loved him! There were literally the tiniest preemie babies down there. Babies weighing only 1-2 pounds. And then there was my little 10 pound hippo. Luckily Lane did great and was sent home 3 days later. After his very intense birth we were very lucky that he did not have any complications...and today, he is a healthy almost 4 year old!

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