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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Motherly Advice

So here are some tips and tricks my fellow mom friends have bestowed on me these past couple of months as well as things I've randomly discovered. It has been so nice to lean on people for advice and support during this time, rather than just trying to just find it all out on Google!

1. Instead of buying fancy burp cloths, just use cloth diapers. They are thick and do the trick! (Thanks Jen!)

2. Before you go and buy a breast pump, be sure to check with your insurance company to see if it is covered first. Blue Shield actually covered everything and the process was surprisingly simple. I called them, they gave me a list of providers to purchase it from, I ordered the Medela Pump from Yummy Mummy, put in all my insurance info, and received it in the mail about two months later! (Thanks Jill!)

3. Quick-Zip Sheets. I randomly came across these while researching a while back and love how much easier they make your life! The top simply unzips off so you can wash it, that way you don't have to take off the mattress and remove the entire sheet. I went with two Quick-Zip Crib Mattress Pads, a Drop-in Base with cover, as well as two white Heavenly Soft Extra Zip Sheets.

4. Instead of registering for specific bottles, you may want to go buy single ones and see which your baby prefers first. All babies are different and may like different styles. So while my friend recommends Dr. Brown's Glass Bottles, our baby might not be a fan! See which one they like first and then purchase more. (Thanks Jade!)

5. Alright so this tip doesn't come from a mom, but my baby daddy! Instead of purchasing one of those expensive $300 baby monitors, you can use an old device instead. We all have old iPhones and iPads laying around. Set one in the nursery and install the LiveStream App. It is free and allows you to stream video. That way you can stream it and watch the baby on your phone, computer, or even TV! (Thanks Kyle!)

6. These are best toys to buy that your little one will actually like. My friends say its the best ten dollars you will ever spend! Their picks are Baby Einstein's Take Along Tunes, the Oball Infant Rattle, and the WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers. (Thanks Marissa, Alison, & Veronica!)

7. Badger Baby Balm. It is natural, organic, and safe to use on the baby, and one of the customers at her store swore by using it on the nipples to prevent dryness and cracking during breastfeeding. Already ordered mine! (Thanks Marissa!)

8. My mama was kind enough to buy us our carseat and stroller and when I was purchasing them, I came across this great site called Albee Baby. It was by far the best deal because they offer NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING. This is huge for all of your big ticket items! We went with the Stokke Scoot v2 Stroller and the Stokke Pipa Nuna Car Seat. They also have a rewards program, so I used my rewards toward the Baby Bjorn Bouncer my friend swore by. (Thanks Amy!)

I wanted to pass along their knowledge and learn from you as well. Any of you have some motherly advice for me? What are some other good mama hacks out there?

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