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Friday, April 18, 2014

a 'smashing' easter craft

Growing up in a Mexican family makes it for interesting holidays, and Easter is no exception. Actually, my mom took Easter VERY seriously. This meant matching outfits, bonnets, and making cascarones!  Ahhh, good memories...
I'm a sucker for tradition, so this year I decided to pass mine on (minus the bonnets). So I gathered up some materials and got started making my favorite Easter craft, cascarones. For those that aren't familiar with cascarones, they are egg shells, filled with confetti and then sealed shut and saved for smashing on unsuspecting victims later! 

So here we go...


You'll need:
1 dozen eggs (eventually emptied)
egg dying kit
tissue paper (pre cut into 2 inch squares)
white glue
small paint brush
1 piece of printer paper

1. Take your egg and gently crack the top. Now take your finger and carefully pick out a small piece of egg shell, leaving only a small hole.
2. Once you have a small hole on top, empty the egg into a bowl. (I saved my egg whites and yolks for scrambled eggs.)
3.  Now that your egg is empty, rinse your shell clean and set it aside to dry.
4. When all your egg shells are emptied and dry, you are ready to decorate them. Follow the directions on your egg decorating kit.
5. When the shells are decorated and dry, you can begin to fill them with the confetti. We created a funnel with a piece of printer paper and poured the confetti in that way.

Okay, only two more steps. I promise, we're almost done!!

6. After you have filled all the egg shells, take your pre-cut tissue paper, glue, and paint brush. Gently, place the tissue paper over the hole and brush the glue all over the tissue paper to seal it shut. 
7. Let the glue dry and wah-la, you now have cascarones! 
Happy smashing!

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