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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Diaper Switch

I have created a nice little game for myself when changing diapers.  Have you guys ever seen the Cup Stacking people (if not, here's a video)?  I imagine myself as one of these people when I am changing Abram's diaper.  I know it's really not the same thing at all, but I like to picture my hands flying around quicker than the human eye can see them.  The big difference between the kids/adults messing up and me messing up is I get a shirt/face full of pee and they get a floor full of knocked over cups....I would take the cups any day.
I learned a lot during Abram's first month of life in the realm of diaper changing.  Here are my steps now for a clean/quick change:
  1. Set the little guy down on the changing table
  2. Undress whatever he is bundled in
  3. Get a replacement diaper
  4. Open replacement diaper and have the flaps out so it can immediately be replaced under Abram's tush 
  5. Pull out a couple wipes and have them next to him ready for immediate wipe-age
  6. If necessary -- have the Desitin cream out with cap off...again, ready for immediate application post wipe-age
  7. Have the Pee-Pee Teepee ready (in the newborn stage) -- this is a very useful tool to try to prevent even the most well planned diaper change accidents -- WARNING -- This item falls off easily! Watch for the squirt gun!!
  8. Finally -- take off his diaper
  9. QUICK!! -- put replacement diaper under his tush
  10. QUICKER!! wipe his tush...make sure it's all clean!!
  11. YOU'RE SLOWING DOWN! HURRY!! Use the Teepee and hope it stays
  12. APPLY DESITIN CREAM (when applicable)
  13. .....Too slow...your little one pooped again - start back at step 1
  14. Good, you're back at this, hurry! Start putting the front of the diaper in place for completion!!..HURRY!!
  15. ....grab a towel...your little man just peed everywhere, not fast enough...wipe your face, clothes, his belly and the changing table down...start back at step 1
  16. Great! You are back! At this point, he is probably empty...I would still suggest hurrying! Quickly put the front part of the diaper in place, strap the flaps into place
  17. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your baby's diaper!  Put his clothes back on now and repeat in 2-120 minutes
I only learned these "tricks" after many I Guess I'm Due moments at the changing table.  I learned how to change a diaper in the classes we took during pregnancy, but I didn't realize how quickly you needed to move!  It has been a wet, dirty, exhausting experience, but I can say that I have dramatically increased my personal best.  

Note: These steps are for boys.  Abram is a boy and he doesn't have sister, so I have yet to learn the female baby needs in the diaper realm...maybe some day?

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