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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter as a child

As we kick off the week of Easter, I am reminded of all of the memories that made Easter special to me as a child.  First off, decorating for Easter.  For some reason, my sisters and I LOVED to decorate for Easter.  We would beg my mom to get the boxes (yes, plural) of Easter decorations out so that we could clothe our home in plastic Easter grass, old painted egg shells, velvet rabbit figurines, and stuffed ducklings & chicks.  We also loved to decorate our own Easter eggs!  I can remember we had several colors and oh my, the glitter!  That was always so much fun!  Our favorite decoration though, was our matching Easter baskets.  Adorable, knit baskets with the same rabbit face, but each rabbit wearing a different color bow.  Each year, we would hold our baskets and tell each other that ours was the better one.  My rabbit wore orange and still remains the best one.

Secondly, the Easter Bunny.  Okay, looking back, what a silly concept.  I mean, think about it, this gigantic rabbit (I'm visualizing the creepy one at the mall) that hops around, somehow breaking and entering into your home, and then pulls a load of candy out of his gigantic basket to leave for an Easter morning surprise.  Totally weird, but wow, I loved him!      He truly had the most amazing job in the world, in addition to Santa Claus, of course. 

Third, the CANDY!  Jelly beans of all kinds, eggs filled with chocolate, PEEPS, Nik-L-Nips (you know, the small wax drink bottles), Rainblo bubble gum eggs, Robin Eggs, WHITE CHOCOLATE BUNNIES, and the list goes on!  As a child (well, let's be honest, and now too...) this was the best!

Fourth, the Easter Egg Hunt!  Most years that I can remember, we would go to my grandma's house after church, eat an amazing meal, and then we would hunt for eggs filled with change!  This was so exciting because we got to keep whatever we found!  One of the eggs, however, contained a dollar bill and it was highly sought after!  Unfortunately, being the baby of all of the grandchildren on my moms side of the family, I'm pretty sure the "big kids" found this egg every year.  I usually got the eggs with the nickel or the three pennies.  Haha, so sad. 

My most favorite memory of all though was the time I got to spend with my family on that special Sunday every year.  Easter is always a reminder of my family and how wonderful my childhood was.  I was a very happy child and it is no wonder, I was blessed with an incredible and loving family!

While Abram has no idea what Easter is or what it is really all about, I look forward to the days when I get to see his face light up when we talk about the Easter Bunny or on Easter morning when he discovers his little basket filled with candy!  What I am most excited about though, is spending the day with him year after year, hopefully creating memories for him that he can carry with him all of his life too!  

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