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Friday, April 4, 2014

Boys will be boys

Meet Raquel. (and her two little energetic superhero's in training!) Her I Guess Im Due moments are filled with adventures, bruises, dirt, and plenty of love- because let's face it, boys will be boys! Enjoy her story in her own words below...

I’m a mom of two very spirited and amusing boys. One will proudly tell you he’s four as part of his general introduction. The other is 22 months, but thinks he’s also four. His introduction usually includes something about how he was born 9 pounds 2 ounces.
The ironic part is that I’m a girlie girl. I’m the oldest of three sisters. I know the female species. So, naturally, I should have daughters. But, instead, God has made me queen of our household of testosterone. 
That pretty much sums it up. Let me explain.

It’s all about Superheroes!

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Ninja Turtles, Knights… You name it; we have a costume for it.

 It is all about saving the day around here! And, they’re serious about it. The only princesses here are the ones they are saving. And it’s usually me.

They are Adventurous.

Going outside is like going to Disney. They love it. They run, jump, climb, wrestle, play sports, sword fight and practice shooting their bow and arrow. I am amazed at their creativity at such a young age.

 I often hear things like, “Mom, mom. I have a better idea!” It often entails manipulation to get their way. Nonetheless, they have figured out how to climb up the playhouse using the pulley rope or how to put each other on their back to reach a door handle that’s a little too high. They are a mess by the time the come back in. A proper hose-down is usually in order. 

They are Tough.
Both my boys are a walking tragedy waiting to happen. My oldest went to the hospital at 20 months because he and Daddy were roughhousing on the bed, which ended with a cut on the back of his head from the corner of the nightstand. He left that hospital visit with multiple staples. He, of course, loved the experience – toys, popsicles and tons of attention from all the nurses. We just recently cut his hair very short and you can still see the scar. Nothing like a constant reminder…

My youngest has a perpetual bruise on his forehead. I’m just waiting for someone to call the authorities. It’s really not funny, but like I said earlier, he was born big and nothing has changed. He is top heavy, so anytime he topples over, he lands on his forehead. Thus inflicting multiple bumps and bruises. He doesn’t really cry though. Just grabs the boo-boo bag and moves on to the next potential item or activity of harm.

I did spend five days in the hospital with my little honey badger. Basically, his intestines were tied in a knot and had the doctor not caught it, could have been life threatening. That will change your perspective. 

My little superheroes march to the beat of their own drum.

The dirtier, the better.
The louder, the better.
The rougher, the better.
The bluer, the better.

If you happen to walk into our house unannounced, you’ll probably walk into a sword fight or a wrestling match! But, if number three ever comes along, I’d be tickled blue if it were another handsome prince. (Although, I am running out of good boy names.) It’s true what they say, “Boys want to be like Daddy, but they love their Mommy!” 

So for now, my I Guess Im Due moments are focused on mothering boys and taking notes on how I can be the best mother-in-law to their future wives. It could be my only chance for a daughter!

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Matias Barbero Photography, BlueLane Studios

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