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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Small Imperfection

Every woman's body reacts to being pregnant differently. My stomach stretched out so large I'm surprised I didn't topple over- I honestly didn't know my skin could stretch that big. My butt grew along with it and my face for some reason thought that having chipmunk cheeks would be a nice addition.
Then, when I thought my body had enough, I had to recover from pushing a baby out, all times three!

I get so annoyed when I see magazine articles, Facebook posts, or Instagram pictures of people (sometimes other moms) that say there’s no excuse not to have a perfect body, mind and soul post pregnancy. No excuses?! My first excuse: I’m a Mom! A realistic mom will agree that the word “perfect” does not exists in your vocabulary. Try juggling a house, kids, a husband, work, and life all in one day then ask me how my mind, body, and soul feel...

The truth is everyone struggles with some sort of challenge after a pregnancy. For some it’s depression, others weight, and there is the child bearing hips, gray hairs, and even hair loss, the list goes on...I am no exception to this rule. I have many imperfections after having three kids. But the one struggle that surprised me the most? My boobs. Yes, you heard me right- thing one and thing two, Barb and Bessie, Lefty and Righty, whatever you wish to call them. You see, before I had babies, I was very content with my 34B’s. Just perfect for my body size. Then, I was delightfully surprised that while I was breastfeeding my breasts grew to be the size of Dolly Parton’s. I had no idea that those suckers could look so good on me. Another great advantage to breastfeeding, I couldn’t have been happier!

However, it was just a temporary fix. Instantly after my youngest turned one, and I decided I was officially done producing milk, the girls shrank. Not a little or just back to their original size, but all the way back to the size of my pre-teen years. That’s correct, I now shop for bras in the junior department, no joke! It is a heck of a lot cheaper this way, but that also means that most of my shirts fit too big in the front, and I can't wear a sports bra because then I could be mistaken for a boy. And of course, now that it’s bathing suit season there’s no hiding these little girls. I had no idea my boobs were capable of being so small.
and now

I’ve learned to slightly embrace this situation, wearing padded bras obviously helps, but there’s nothing like the real deal. For now, I have to just deal with this “small” imperfection and hope that one day they will miraculously grow.

The point of me sharing this embarrassing flaw, is that whether or not we want to admit it, all mommas out there are imperfect in some shape or form- some of us may just be better at hiding it. For me, every morning when I look down at my non existent breasts and slap on my training bra, it’s just a happy reminder that God has blessed me with three little miracles and being imperfect is a small sacrifice I'm willing to take.

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