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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father/Son Day

Whitney and I have a goal of her being at home full-time with Abram as soon we can make it happen. We our arranging things around our home to make this possible and we are hoping the time comes sooner, rather than later! However, we are making things work in the mean time.  What this consists of is Whitney working a lot of weekend days.  It kills me to miss out on that time with all of us together as a family, but there is a bright side....Father, Son Days.

I am not sure if I ever really thought about how much time I would miss out on with Abram while I am at work.  After 5 months of Abram being a part of our family, I realize what a sacrifice it will be to be the sole financial provider, but I commend all the parents who have made this sacrifice, including you Mom and Dad!  I believe God knew this would be a struggle that I would run into and has therefore provided me a number of days of just him and I.  Again, I would want nothing else but to have our whole family home, but until that day comes I believe this is God's plan of giving me some precious moments with Abram.

I know I will forever hold these moments close to my heart.  I am so thankful for the times when he flashes his HUGE, toothless smile my way.  Or, when he pauses mid-gulp of his bottle to stare at me until I smile at him, only to flash that patented grin of his.  Or, when he does his screeching/singing/playing sound over and over; although painful to the ears at times, I would have it no other way.  Or, when he takes down his reflux medicine better by the day...I hate giving him his medicine, but his growth in taking each gulp down only shows the growing up he has done already!  Or, when I am doing something completely goofy, only to have him stare at me the way Whitney does sometimes (I can just hear her voice when he does this -- "what are you doing, you goof?!").

Whitney will someday soon (hopefully!) be able to stay at home with our little rugrat full-time.  When that time comes, the times with just Abram and I will be fewer.  It warms my heart to know that I already have these special times, that I will have hundreds more of these moments, and that Whitney will love and hold him every hour of the work day when I can't be there.  Everything happens for a reason.  So, while Whit continues to work, I will gladly embrace all of these Father, Son moments with my little Abester.

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