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Friday, June 6, 2014

Calling In Sick

As a parent I don't have the option to call in sick. I can't just call my three year old up and say, "Sorry honey, mommy is running a fever today so you and your little sister are on your own!" Nope, you get up, pop in a few dozen Advil and pray you can make it through the day. Sometimes, if I'm lucky my "doctor" even makes house calls!
This week has been tough trying keep up with three kids while feeling achy and tired. Most days have been filled with quiet activities, like puzzles, reading books, and coloring. Nap times have been a must and house wide betimes have been around 8:30/9. 

Yesterday I finally started thinking I would be getting better since I started my antibiotics. Except at 2 am I was awakened by a terrible burning itch all over my body. It basically looks like I have some form of leprosy.  

Apparently I'm allergic to the medicine prescribed, just my luck! So now I'm trying to survive in this house both achy and itchy. Hopefully we are nearing the end of all this and life will resume as normal!

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